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How Testing Can Lead to Overtreatment

I know we have talked about MRI’s and X-Rays and how this can mislead us in doing a procedure that we may or may not need. For example, you have pain in the knee. Your x- rays show that you have arthritis, the healthcare provider says that your pain is due to arthritis so lets give you medication, or lets do injections, or lets have a surgery to clean it out.

Let me tell you, everyone as we age will show arthritis. It is like saying wow you you have wrinkles. That is were your problem is, so lets do a procedure… Wrinkles happen as we age, so does degenerative changes. It does not mean that is where you pain is coming from.

The same thing can be said for an MRI– just because you show a problem does not mean that is where the source of your pain is located. When looking at research, you can take 100 people who are fully functional and have no pain and put them in an MRI and 60-80% of the people will show degeneration or a meniscal tear, or a rotator cuff tear, or a herniation; yet they are pain free and fully functional. So we need to spend more time having conversations verses spending 3-5 min and just using imaging to guide us in our treatments.

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We often see people who are fearful that they are never going to get answers and are always going to have to deal with the exhaustion of having their pain which is limiting them having fun with their family, or being active, or getting back to what they loved doing.

At mPower Physical Therapy in Dallas, we like to have conversations with out patients before they spend any money at our office. We want to make sure we can help you and that you are a good fit for our office. So we like to have what we call a discovery visit to get a better understanding of what you have done and what is going, so you can get to know us and we can get to know you to determine if we want to continue. Would you like a Discovery Visit or talk to a Physical Therapist to see if we can help you. Just CLICK HERE

What do you have to lose? We often see people who have failed treatments, who are looking to avoid drugs, injections and surgery.

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