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I Feel Like My Neck Needs A Massage… But After My Massage My Pain returns the next day..

This is common. You get pain between your shoulder blades and upper trap. It feels like muscle tightness and burning.

Occasionally you my even get tingling down the arm. Most people will tell you it is stress and just muscle tightness. Just get a massage. You do and the pain and burning comes right back. Then you try dry needling? This may last a little longer, but your pain continues to return. WHY does this happen? Why is this so common?

Again. Why is the tightness happening in the first place? Most of the time we are just treating the symptoms which is the muscle tightness.

I like to use the finger analogy. You can pull you finger back and keep it back for hours, days, years and eventually your body does not like that position. So your tissue tightens up around it and it starts to hurt. You just massage your tissue and that did not work. Then you are told to stretch, so you stretch which did not work. Then you are told to strengthening to hold your finger in place better… Stop the madness.

The problem is pulling your finger back in the first place..

You have to get to the source of the problem. And often your joints do not like being put in poor positions that we do day after day, year after year and eventually our body says, ouch to make us listen to it and make changes.

We just don’t listen and have not clue who to go to see to resolve the problem. Most of the time the tightness you feel in your muscles around your neck is due to neck. It is due to the activities you are doing time and time again in a poor posture that needs to be addressed.

How do you resolve this?

You find a specialist who can get to the source of the problem. They will be able to sit down and spend time with you asking questions to understand your body better. This specialist is really a coach of your body and partners with you to be able to help you solve your puzzle. This is what we do at mPower Physical Therapy of Dallas. We help you understand what you are doing throughout the day that is causing problems and help you adjust your lifestyle and postures.

We help show you self-joint mobilizations to help get your joints moving from where the problem is occurring. This could be in the lower cervical, upper cervical and thoracic areas of the spine or some combo of those three areas. We do manual work to assist you in your success at home and finally we will work on strengthening to help keep you active and moving while maintaining better posture. We find what is right for you based on a thorough evaluation.

Are you suffering from neck and shoulder pain? Frustrated that you are not getting better?

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