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This is a very common question I get from people every single day when it comes to pain, or injury with movement and exercise.

Your Pain can be crippling on some days, and other days it seems fine…

You rest and it can feel better but when you get back to your activity you go right back to hurting.

You were fine for a while and then all of the sudden, your pain comes roaring back almost out of nowhere…

We think Surgery, or injections, or medications will help. And sometimes they do for the short term, but 6 weeks or 6 months later your pain comes back.

 It is frustrating and you feel like you will never going to have your life back, or get back to being active, or you have a fear of having to slowing down permanently. You are too young for this to happen.

 The main reason why pain comes back is because the root cause of the problem is usually never solved…

We like to treat symptoms such as pain relief. But why did this pain happen in the first place?

Just like rest will give you pain relief, it is because you are not doing the things you want to do because it hurts you…

So, you feel good and you go right back to the activity such as walking for exercise and bam you hurt again.

If you have been hurting for longer than 1-2 weeks, rest is not going to help you. We have got to get to the source of the problem.

I know I always say this, but we must look at the whole body because movement is connected. For example, you do not just move the shoulder without moving the thoracic spine or neck.

Let’s take an example because I think you will get a better picture of what I am talking about.

We recently saw a person with elbow pain. They were doing bicep curls and felt pain in her elbow. Okay, if I were a normal healthcare provider I would go straight to the elbow and treat that.

But after having a long conversation in the evaluation process. They also complained of shoulder blade pain and feeling like they do not have the same mobility there and has had neck pain and headaches too for along period of time. I decided to NOT start at the elbow. I started with the neck and upper mid back area. Both areas affect the arm and how we move.

Come to find out, as we did some upper back self-mobilizations, her elbow pain went away. Now we are addressing how she moves from her spine to her shoulder as this is what is truly causing her problems. Their pain would come back again if we do not address these areas.

If we went to her elbow only, I know I could have probably given her relief in her elbow, but it would have returned 2-3 days later. Because I am only treating the symptom. I am not getting to the root cause of her problem.

Come to find out they have had years of upper neck issues but no one as been address lower down in her upper back and ribs. The more we have been working on her spine with self-mobilizations, the better her movement is getting in her shoulder. Other areas that she has been compensating with muscles are starting to not have to work as hard and we are retraining her body to move correctly.

It is not just one size fits all. It takes someone who understands the body and will spend time with you to do a thorough evaluation to know what is best for you. This is why testing such as MRI’s are not going to give you the whole picture. Or spending 5 mins with a doctor is going to help give you the whole picture and get you answers as to why you are hurting.

This is one case. At mPower Physical Therapy in dallas, we see this all the time. If you are frustrated that you are not getting back to your life before your pain started, you have tried everything and nothing is working, you want to avoid expensive and dangerous surgery; maybe we need to talk.

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  • We do not want to waste your time if we can not help.
  • We want to be a resource to you and learn more about what is going on.
  • We want to learn what you have tried, what you are trying to get back to doing so we can start providing education on how we can help.

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