My Top 4 Tips to increase Your Energy as You Age…

My Top 4 Tips to increase Your Energy as You Age…

A Big Myth is we lose our energy as we age.. Well, you do not have to…

Now do I listen to my body more and slow down to take time for ME!! Absolutely…

But I was more exhausted in my 20’s than I am now (and I am close to my 50’s). I used to crash at the end of the day in my 20’s!! Yes, I had to take a naps before going out with friends. I could not function without an afternoon nap. I never was like this growing up, but all my bad habits caught up with me.

I was exhausted and thought that is what just happens when you start working a REAL JOB!! LOL. I had been in school for 10 years collecting 3 different degrees. So I did not start working a real job until my late 20’s. That was the excuse I gave myself for reasons as to why this was happening.

It is a common occurrence that we all feel for so many different reasons, and we all think that it is just what happens as we age or will create a story around it to give ourself as a reason for our reduced energy levels.

You go to a doctor, and they can not find anything wrong as your blood work is looking okay. They do not give you any answers and give you the blanked reason that it is because of your age. So why does this happen and what can you do?

Well, I was wrong with my thoughts on my job was creating my fatigue…

I had to make changes to my lifestyle (aka changing my diet, my mindset around things, exercising, etc) and my energy levels picked back up. I noticed I had sustained energy levels throughout the day and I no longer was crashing at the end of the day. I could go out to eat with friends and no longer needed my naps at the end of the day.

And bonus!! My sinus infections and allergies went away too!! My recovery from workouts improved as well.  Over the last 15 years on my health journey and learning, I have come up with some of my tips that I use daily to help me keep my energy levels consistent and up.

As you know I am the energizer bunny, but I have to do things for myself to keep my energy levels up. I am a much happier person when I do.  

Some of my top 4 tips to help increase your energy levels

1.Reduce your stress helps increase your energy levels

Stress is important, it is how we grow. Just like we have to stress our muscles to make them grow same goes for our body.But when we have too much stress and it became chronic because you are no longer listening to your body, then that is how we get injuries in our body such as stress fractures or tendonitis.

The body cannot take the stress anymore and you get an injury. Same thing goes for everyday stress that become chronic. That stress will start to bring your energy levels down and it will keep them down. You can not concentrate and are exhausted when you wake up in the morning.

If you do not deal with the stress or change your mindset around this stress. I had to do several things, change my environment and I had to also change my mindset on how I viewed stress. I had to let go of things I could not control. I did not need to put energy into anything I could not control. Which in turn has made me a much happier person and ability to take life’s punches that come my way. I always try to look at the positive and find ways on how I can learn from each situation.  

2. Lighten your load will increase your energy levels

I know as a woman, we take on everything and think we can continue to add more things because we are superwomen. But at some point, it just gets to be too much and we become fatigued. You cannot do everything. At some point you have to start delegating or letting things go that do not serve you.

It may not be perfect when you delegate it, but you have to let others fail and learn in the process. If you micromanage you are just going to be frustrated and will think it is easier to do it yourself. But as I said before, you cannot do everything yourself. At some point there is not enough time in the day..

Other tips to getting more done while keeping your energy levels is to time block 2-3 hours and do the same activity – do not switch from one activity and then do a different one and switch back to a different activity. Moving your brain back and forth multi-tasking is actually draining more of your energy. So, time block similar tasks together and you will be amazed at the increase energy levels and how much more you can get done.

3. Exercise will help increase your energy levels

When you start exercising you will notice that you may get more fatigued initially. But as you are consistent you will gain energy. The stronger your muscles are the more efficient you will be in your everyday activities. We see this all the time with our clients who start our Pilates program. They are doing more and more activities with more energy than they had before they started Pilates.

Exercise also stimulates the brain. You may notice you might get our best ideas out for a walk or after a bike ride. And this is especially true for anyone that is ADD or ADHD.

4. Eat for Energy

Have you ever eaten a meal and you want to take a nap after the meal? But you have other meals that do not affect you that way and feel good all day long.

It comes down to eating plants. They have all the vitamins and minerals and phytonutrients that help our body heal, recovery and gain energy. There is a lot of buzz around gut health. The good bacteria in our gut needs to be fed. Guess what the only thing they eat to build them up? You got it. Plants. Meat and processed foods suppress our good bacteria. Now I am not saying you have to be a vegan or vegetarian, but you do need to make most of your plate based on plants.

Smoothies are also a great way to get more plants into your body without your body having to do much work in getting the nutrients into your body. Smoothies already have the food broken down, so your body does not have to work hard to process it, therefore helping your body work at getting rid of other toxins and giving your more energy. I try to do 1 smoothie per day to give my body rest.

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