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Are You Suffering From Hip Pain? Do You Hurt To Sit, Stand, Walk? Not Finding Any Solutions To Resolve It?

This is one of the most common injuries we see in my office.  

Patient have pain deep into their hip and it can wrap around to the front part of the hip down. You are often told you degenerative changes or a labral tear, piriformis syndrome or bursitis. You are either told you need surgery, surgery is not successful and here is an injection, or just stretch or strengthen the hip.

We find people have done physical therapy which worked on their strength which did not work, they got deep soft tissue work which helped but did not resolve it fully. They are trying yoga and stretching or sitting on a lacrosse ball and it helps but does not fully resolve it. They try the Pigeon stretch (in yoga) or the figure 4 and notice their hip does not move like the other side. They have been stretching for months and no changes are made to their flexibility.

Does this sound familiar?

Everyone from 20’s who are active to 30-40’s who are runners and triathletes, to 50-80’s who are having problems standing, walking and sitting due to this annoying pain. It happens at all ages. Your hip does not move the same way, you cannot get the muscles to strengthen and you have no answers to why.

Well welcome to what I see all the time in my office. Helping people understand why what they were doing was not working. Getting people back to running, walking, standing or sitting without problems. They are so excited that they could avoid surgery (even a hip replacement). They are so excited to get their life back to where it was before they suffered from the pain.

Here is the deal. With all the healthcare providers out there, they are missing a piece of the pie. They will do the soft tissue, but don’t get the mobility back in the joint. Or they try strengthening, but they can’t get the muscles to fire correctly because they do not get the mobility back in the hip.

There is a process. Most health care providers are moving you in the wrong direction. There is one motion that will unlock the hip joint. You need the deep soft tissue work to help improve the mobility, but you are not given the exercises of the one motion that will unlock all the other motions of the hip. Once you get the mobility back or are well on your way to get it back, then you have to work on the hip muscles to be able to get you back full to all the activities you love.

It takes someone understanding the body fully. Everyone has a different starting point and the motion that unlocks the hip can be different for each person. It takes a through evaluation and getting good baselines to understand what direction we need to go into. But we help people weekly on getting them back to their life before they started having this pain. When they have tried everything and nothing fully got them back. Do you remember what that was like?

Do you want to have a conversation to see if we can help.

We have a couple of options for you. We have monthly events at the office where you can learn more on how we help our patients. Providing lots of education to help arm you to make a better decision about your health. To get your questions asked for FREE. You can also book a FREE Discovery Visit to talk to a physical therapist to see if we can help. To learn more about what you have been told and provide education.

Act fast as we only have a few spots per week for this kind of visit. No other healthcare provider will sit down and talk to you before coming into their office. We do this because we want you to be confident in your decision about your health whether you come in or not. If you would like to book a Discovery Visit, just CLICK HERE TO START THE PROCESS. As always we just want to be a resource to this community.