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Why You Should Forget About Having Back Surgery…

Did you know that we do 200% more back surgeries in this country compared to any other Country? YIKES! You would think we would have more resolution than that with back pain, yet back pain is still a huge problem.

8 out of 10 Americans will have some back pain during their lifetime. You would think maybe surgery would be a good option.. But then why are people still hurting so much.

Did you know that 1 back surgery usually leads to 2 and 3 more back surgeries? When looking at the research, back surgery is no better than generalized exercise except you take the risk of having the surgery.

Why is that?

Most of the time when you ask a patient what did you do? They say, “I am not sure.” I just woke up with back stiffness and pain…

Or I bent over and my back locked up. (you probably have had stiffness or soreness for a while but could work through it until one day you back spasmed.)

If you do not know what you did to create this problem…

Then you have the surgery and guess what…

You go back to your normal routine of activities that you did before the surgery and have the pain returned. Now on to a bigger back surgery, because the doctor would say, “I knew at some point I was going to have to do a spinal fusion on you. I just wanted to do the more conservative surgery first.”

No education is given to why this is happening in the first place…

No one is getting to the source of the problem…

No one is giving you a came plan on what you are doing in your lifestyle that is creating this problem…

And if I hear my back pain is because of arthritis one more time… (not the case- especially if you can change your position to make your pain better or worse or if you pain comes and goes- that is not arthritis)

You get the arthritis diagnosis because doctors do not know what to do with you, or they image you and base everything off the image.

And I know you have heard me time and time again that MRI’s are not reliable… It has been shown in research time and time again… You can take 100 people without no pain and 80% of them will show arthritis, herniated disc, pinched nerve, bone spurs, yet they have no pain!!

We literally had a patient say not to surgery on the Surgery Table. Yes, a true story…

He went to the doctor with back pain that came back. The doctor asked had he had therapy… The patient said yes. So, the doctor said he would be a good candidate for surgery.

So the surgery was scheduled.

He was waiting in the room to have his surgery with other people in the room. He asked what they were in here for as he was waiting, and all the people in the room where on their 2nd and 3rd back surgery.

A little more fearful, but he went ahead went back to the surgery room.

They were prepping him for the surgery and the nurses said, what is your pain level right now?

He said zero. The shocked look on the nurse’s face made him even more fear. The patient said he does not have pain in the morning.. It comes on as the day goes on.

So, when the surgeon came into the room to get started. The Patient said, I am not going to have surgery and walked out the surgery room.

Yes, this patient found mPower Physical Therapy in Dallas and within a 2-3 weeks his pain was gone and we started to work on strengthening and progressing him back to all his activities. Of course we got into his lifestyle changes he needed to make since it was his sitting at work which was creating all his problems.

We went over options on what he could do to adjust his work station and he was off to the races..

So the moral of the story is… Get with a specialist to help you avoid back surgery. Do not be one of the statistics!

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