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Why REST and MEDICATIONS do not work when you are in pain

I have had recent patients in the past that were going to come in to see us because of their pain and loss of being active. They went to the doctor and were told to just REST and were given some MEDICATION OR AN INJECTION. I have even had doctors tell the patients not to come to us (but lets keep on injecting them and continue to have the problem 2 years later. True story). So the patients decided to not come in.

At this point you CAN NOT tell a patient that it probably won’t work. And their pain will return as soon as they resume their activities. Or it will not fully resolve and will continue to nag you. You try to tell them, but they need to experience this on their own, and usually will not go against what their doctor told them.

Why does this NOT work?

Most of the time when people start to hurt, they are not sure what happened. They are doing something in their training or their daily activities that is creating their problem. You can rest and feel better, but as soon as you go back to your activities, the pain returns.. It is frustrating because you just wasted a month, 6 months, or years of your time and you are not where you want to be. You are not able to be as active as you would like to be. You have not gotten any education as to what YOU can do to empower YOU and put YOU in control.

It is common when you ask; what did you do to injury yourself? They say, “I am not sure, all the sudden I wake up and started to hurt” They probably had some soreness that they thought was not a big deal, but over time and compensation, their body eventually says, I can not do this anymore. Then the pain will get you to pay attention to your body.

Rest is great, but our body was meant to move. There is a reason right after any surgeries, you do not stay in bed for weeks and not move. They get you up as soon as possible to move. You get better with movement.

The problem is you need guidance in the RIGHT movement. You need guidance in figuring out WHERE THE SOURCE OF THE PROBLEM is coming from. You need guidance in UNDERSTANDING your body so you know how much or how little you can push it.

It does not always mean you have to stop training, but you may need to adjust your training. We can help either way. Maybe you need guidance in what you can or can not do in pilates, yoga, running, or just being able to walk and be active as we are helping you get to the source of the problem.

  • I have had patients wait 5 years to take care of their pain because they thought they needed surgery and now they were ready for this. They were sent to us and 5 weeks later they were back to their activities pain free.

  • I have had a patient told they just needed an injection and rest a little bit and get back to yoga. 9 months later, they still were having problems. They came in to see us and within 2 weeks they were feeling so much better and back to their activities in 6-8 weeks without restrictions. She told us she could not remember feeling this good in a long time.

  • I had another patient who was told just do these exercises by their doctor and they did not need to spend their time with a physical therapist. Two months later, they were still having problems. So they came in and again within 1-3 visits feeling so much better and feeling 100% better within 6-8 weeks or sooner.

What do all these people have in common?

They all wished they DID NOT wait as long to get in to see us. They will not wait as long ever again when something pops up. They all had a better understanding of what their problem really was and how to resolve it. They all understood what they are doing in their training or daily activities that was not helping them get back to what they love to do..

If this sounds like a familiar story as you, then maybe you need to talk to us.

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