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Why Does Your Pain Return In A Few Hours After a Massage?? Read More To Learn Why…

Do you ever wonder why you get a massage and your pain returns within a few hours? You have pain between the shoulder blades or the neck. You go get a massage hoping this will help, but your pain returns within hours to a day.

Why does this happen?

It is because the tightness that is happening is due to something else creating the soft tissue to be tight. The tightness you are having is just a symptom of what is going on. You have to get to the source of the problem. So often in our healthcare system, we like to treat the symptoms.

Treating symptoms gets frustrating because you never get better and feel like you are on this merry go round of treatments. You can have pain in your neck, between your shoulder blades, into your shoulder and even having difficult moving the shoulder/arm around and the source is the neck (not the soft tissue). 

So you really need to understand how the body works and moves. When treating the neck for instance there is a direction that works best for the self-mobs. Moving in the wrong direction can make your symptoms worse. Sitting down and having a conversation and asking the right questions helps us at mPower Physical Therapy

in Dallas to know what direction we need to go into. Getting baselines (range of motion, strength, pain location, functional movements, etc.) will help guide us in our treatments by monitoring these baselines. It helps to give us information as to what is going on and where we need to start with the treatment.

It is not just going to the tissue and hoping this will work if we massage it. Yes, you will find tightness with injuries, but why is this tightness happening. Where is the source of the problem coming from? These questions need to be answered.

The other piece that most people miss all the time is what are you doing throughout the day that creating these problems. Let’s face it, most of the time we start hurting and have no clue what we did or why it started to happen. This is due to the compensation your body does to keep you doing what you want the body to do. Eventually the body says, I can’t do this anymore and it hurts.

So we need to figure out what you are doing throughout the day that could be creating the problems. The combo of things we do a mPower Physical Therapy in Dallas is why we have been able to help so many people get their life back in doing what they love to do without having surgery or being on medications for the rest of your life. Giving them hope that it is possible.

I am not bashing having a massage. They are a great tool for prevention and feeling better when you do not have an injury. The great news is, if you notice your pain returning quickly after getting a massage, it means there is something else going on…

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