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How to Pick the Best Pillow for Neck Pain

We have many clients wanting to know what is the best pillow for neck pain when sleeping? They are wanting to get relief with neck and shoulder pain but are having a hard time sleeping due to pain, and that does not help. And like many of our clients they went to see other healthcare providers including other physical therapists, chiropractors and doctors, they were frustrated with the care as they are still dealing with the

They have been dealing with neck and shoulder pain for years with no lasting help and were desperate to discover how to relieve neck and shoulder pain so they can get some sleep. They have bought 4-5 pillows trying to find the right pillow that will help them sleep at night but with each pillow they remain frustrated that they are not getting and Pain Relief while sleeping.

They keep asking how do you pick the best Pillow for neck pain?

Let’s start out by saying if you have neck and shoulder pain but you are able to sleep through
the night and do not wake up to pain, you do not need to be looking for a new pillow. Keep
the one you have. Your neck and shoulder pain are not being affected by your sleep.
Now if you are having a hard time going to sleep because you cannot find a position that you
can stay in because as soon as you start to go to sleep your pain starts in your head, neck or

Or you are waking up at night due to head, neck or shoulder pain, then we need to adjust how
you sleep (your position) and potentially finding the best pillow for neck pain.

Make sure you keep on reading as we have a simple trick you can use to find the best Pillow for neck pain TONIGHT that could change your life when it comes to sleeping and getting neck pain relief!

This is the BEST Pillow adjustment you can make for neck pain relief to get you the best
Sleep tonight!

Sleep is so important for healing. So, we have to address sleeping if you are waking up with
pain or having a hard time going to sleep because you can not find a position to sleep in
because of the pain!

How To Relieve Neck And Shoulder Pain While Sleeping?

The first thing we start asking is how are you sleeping. What is your position while sleeping?
Are you sleeping in a ball? With the head in a really forward position?
Or is the pillow so puffy that you are sleeping, and it is pushing your head in a forward position? Whether you are sleeping on your side or your back?

Are you sleeping with 2 pillows?

Is your pillow too soft or too small?

We have to talk about head position and understanding this piece will allow you to
understand why I make my Pillow recommendations for the Best Pillow to use with neck

If your head is pushed too far forward from its normal resting position (think about your head position if you are looking at the ground), this creates a problem for the joint. And if that joint has some irritation like with a disc herniation, degenerative changes, arthritis, or whatever else is going on with the joint; you cannot keep the joint in a bad position for very long before it will hurt.

Hence why you might be getting head, neck or shoulder pain while sleeping. I always use the finger analogy where if you pull your finger back and hold it there 4-5 hours a day, day after day, that joint will not like being in that position. And that will create problems and pain.

Now if you already have pain in that finger joint, it will not take long before you will start to
hurt if you have your finger pulled back…

SO, we have to adjust your position of you sleep in order to help you get relief of your neck
and shoulder pain while sleeping.

How is it that we can show people how to relieve neck and shoulder pain at night with the
correct pillow and get people back to sleeping better at night with having head, neck or
shoulder pain. We have literally had patients say to us, “I did not think I would ever get relief
while sleeping again” and they do!

What is the Best Pillow to Use for Neck Pain?

So here are some of my best ways to relieve neck and shoulder pain while sleeping.
And you will NOT have to buy a new pillow unless your pillow is too small. Let me explain.
Go get a towel from your bathroom. I want you to fold it once and roll it up. The diameter
should be about 4- 5 inches. See picture below.

Sleeping difficulty With Neck And Shoulder Pain - How To Pick the best pillow for neck pain

You then will place this under your pillowcase (or on top of your pillow) at the lower end of the pillow. When you lie down on your pillow, your neck is going to be supported with the towel roll.

This is one of the Best Pillow tips for neck pain!

This will help you keep your neck in a better position whether you are on your back or your
side. The pressure it puts on the spine will feel good and supported.

The only thing you need to worry about is the pillow size. If it is too big your head may be
pushed too far forward. You want your head to be right in line with your spine.

Or if your pillow is too small your head may be tilted back. Again, we need to keep the head in line with your spine! So, find a pillow where you head will be in a good position and add the towel roll to the pillow.

This is a great option to try before spending any money on a pillow. It works about 70% of the time. We have other options for you to try if this does not work.

So there you have it, my best tip for finding the best pillow for neck pain!

Either way we have several options for you to continue your learning on how to relieve neck and shoulder pain while sleeping without pain meds, surgeries or injections….

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