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How Oxidative Stress Might Be Causing Your Injuries and Sickness?

So we hear the word oxidative stress and anti oxidants thrown around all the time in the media, but what is does this mean?  Here is the low down. We have to breathe oxygen, it is the only way we can stay alive. But as we breathe oxygen and use the oxygen, we have a bi-product that happens in our body and that is called oxidative stress. Oxidative stress leads to free radical damage and accumulates over time. This is our aging process and leads to diseases, lack of recovery, and injuries eventually. So we want to neutralize this stress and that is where anti oxidants come into play, because they neutralize the oxidation stress.

The problem is as you see on boxes of cereal and vitamins pills and water, etc they are putting synthetic anti oxidants in everything. But that is not where anti oxidants come from. They come from plants- nuts, seeds, fruits, veggies and healthy grains. And these are the very foods we have stopped eating. You don’t get them from eating meat, milk, processed foods, etc.  The research is conclusive, the synthetic vitamins do not work and are not reducing the affects of oxidative stress. In fact some of the research is showing that these synthetic vitamins can do more harm than good. So what is the moral of the story- eat more fruits and veggies. We need 9-13 servings daily. We need to stop eating the inflammatory foods such as processed foods, refined sugar, sugary or fat free drinks,  reducing our meat and milk intake.

Guess what? When you exercise, you breath in more oxygen! So this can produce more damage in our body, which is another reason for injuries and sickness and earlier onset of diseases. So if you workout you need more,  and you are looking at doubling the 9-13 servings to combat the stress. If you are sick and battling disease, you too need even more (triple the normal serving size). Your body is working hard in both instances.

Yes, I hear what you are saying. How do I do this?   We have a program to help you reduce your oxidative stress and increase your anti oxidant intake. We help you take a lot of common triggers that produce inflammation in the body that does not allow us to heal or recovery from injuries or disease out of our diet. Our bodies have an amazing ability to heal if we just feed it right and moved it right way. We have cookbooks included in our programs and a community that can support you with ideas of recipes, education and motivation.  If you would like to learn more about our programs you can have a FREE Discovery Visit to learn more and for us to learn more about you. We also want to see if this program will be a good fit for you or not. If you would like to a FREE Discovery visit about our program just CLICK HERE to learn more.