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Is Back Stenosis Really the Cause of My Pain? Or is it Something Else?

If you’re grappling with chronic back pain, you might have heard the term “stenosis” during your medical consultations. It’s a common diagnosis for many, especially as we age. But what if I told you that in my 24 years of practice, I’ve encountered only one true case of stenosis? Surprising, isn’t it? Let’s delve deeper into this topic.

Understanding Stenosis

Stenosis refers to the narrowing of the foramen, the space through which our nerves exit the spine. This narrowing, often due to bony changes, can compress the nerves and potentially cause pain. The classic symptom of stenosis is pain while walking that eases upon sitting down. However, this diagnosis is frequently given even when the symptoms don’t match perfectly.

The Misdiagnosis Dilemma

In our experience at mPower Physical Therapy, many patients diagnosed with stenosis actually find relief from walking and experience discomfort while sitting – the opposite of what stenosis would suggest. This contradiction often arises from a healthcare system burdened with time constraints and patient overloads, leading to quick diagnoses without deep investigation.

Age, Movement, and Misconceptions

As we age, lifestyle changes like reduced movement and prolonged sitting contribute to spinal stiffness. Many people, fearing pain, avoid bending backwards, not realizing that this actually reduces pressure on the discs and nerves. On the other hand, constant forward bending increases disc pressure and stretches the nerves, possibly leading to herniated discs and nerve pain.

Case Study: Challenging the Stenosis Narrative

Let’s consider a real-life example: an 80-year-old patient told for 20 years she had stenosis. She lived in constant pain, with limited mobility and a compromised quality of life. When she visited our clinic, we noted her forward-bent posture and pain symptoms consistent with stenosis. However these symptoms also can be consistent with a herniated disc causing the pain down the leg. Through targeted treatment focusing on mobility rather than just strength, her pain diminished remarkably, proving that her symptoms were related to disc issues, not stenosis.

[H2]Empowerment Through Expert Consultation and Whole Body Treatment

At mPower Physical Therapy, we prioritize a holistic approach. By thoroughly evaluating each case and monitoring symptoms, we aim to identify the true root cause of your pain. Whether it’s stenosis or another issue, our approach focuses on restoring your body’s natural mechanics and empowering you to regain control of your life.

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