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Why Resting After Injuries Doesn’t Always Work

So often I hear my patients tell me that they hurt and the are going to rest for a while and then they should be good to be back to running or playing sports, or what ever they want to get back to doing. Or they go to the doctor and the doctor tells them to rest and take these medications or give them an injection and then they will be go to go.

While they may need to rest, rest alone will not fix the problem. Most of the time people have no clue why they started to hurt in the first place. They did not fall or recall of a time when they hurt themselves.

Here is where the problem lies… They are  not getting to the source of what they are doing that created this problem. Our bodies love to compensate to continue down the path of what you want your body to do.. But one day the body will say, I am done and now I am going to make you hurt!

We have to figure out what you did, figure out your compensation patterns, get to the source of where the problem is (which is never where the pain is located) and progress you safely to get back to what you love to do. Check out my Youtube video to learn more…

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Most of the time when you are not sure what you did to cause the pain, there is something you can do about it without having to have surgery, take medications, or have injections. So our take on your injury will be without thinking you need to do any one of those things. Feel free to share this with anyone who needs this message.

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