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Where Is Your Knee Pain Really Coming From?

Knee pain is almost as bad as back pain because when you have problems with them, you can not move around to do the things you love.

Here is the thing, often were treat where the pain is located. You would think the knee is easy to treat. Sometimes yes. It is a case of a strengthening muscles and you are good to go, but often we get people dealing with knee pain who have tried a lot of different healthcare providers without results. They are losing hope and do not want to have surgery. They want to get their life back where they use to be active to work out and travel.

Where the pain is located is often not where the problem is located. I know, you have heard me say this before. You need an evaluation by a specialist who truly understands the body. I have recently had a few clients come in where they did not have full range of motion in their knee. They presented like a meniscal tear or an arthritic knee and both were looking at surgery. They came in to my office to try one more medical facility because they had heard I helped others like them.

It took a few visits to figure things out, but both are back to being active after finishing up their treatments. Both avoided surgeries. Phase one of treatment was trying to figure out the source of the problem. We did a few joint mobs and self-joint mobs to get them back and regain their Range of motion in their knee. One we did mobs in the knee, the other we did mobs in the hip. Both got results and had similar problems but were treated completely different. In Phase 2 we worked on regaining their strength and functional strength without compensation and Phase 3 was to get them back to their activities safely.

You can have knee pain and have issues with your back, hip or knee that is creating the problem. Sometimes we need to address the tightness around the and hip, sometimes we need to address the weakness in our core. Sometimes it is a combo of several tings. It is not a cookie cuter approach and it takes someone spending time with you to figure it out like we do in our Dallas office at mPower Physical Therapy.

If you are frustrated with your care in your knee or you have been told there is nothing you can do (which happens all the time), then maybe you would either like to talk to one of our Physical Therapist’s in our Dallas office to see if we can help or come in for a FREE DISCOVERY VISIT to have a deeper discussion on what you have tried as well as other questions to see how your knee responds to certain positions and activities to give us clues as to what we might be going on to see if we can help or not.

If you would like to learn more about these two things you can either CLICK HERE to talk to a physical therapist or CLICK HERE to sign up for a FREE Discovery Visit.

Either way let us help you get back to doing the things you love. What would that be worth to you?