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YOU DO NOT have to Fear LOSING your MOBILITY due to BACK PAIN!

Back Pain is the most mismanaged area of the body.

You will get a lot of advice from your friends and family on what to do. You are usually offered, take these pills and rest from doctors. Or let’s do injections to see if this will calm your pain down. Or let’s do surgery (which often when you go down this path, it can lead to 2 and 3 more surgeries).

You go to a Physical therapist or even personal trainers and they say your core is weak and we need to “stabilize” the spine. You are told you need to stretch your hamstrings and improve your bending flexibility by a yoga teacher. Let’s do a massage because it is a muscle strain or just tension.

Like I said there are so many different opinions, yet back pain is a billion-dollar business and you are still frustrated that you are not getting better.

Here is the thing..

You have to get to the source of the problem before you can work on strengthening and flexibility. You have to understand what you are doing throughout the day that is creating problems and causing you to be in pain.

I like to use the finger analogy. If you pull your finger back and keep it there 8 hours a day, day after day, year after year; your joint will not like it and eventually start hurting one morning. The muscle around it will tense up to protect it. You will feel like, “what did I do to hurt all the sudden.” Does this sound familiar? We hear it all the time. I woke up and started hurting.

 It was the years of putting the joint in a not so friendly position. You can do massage, strengthening, dry needling, stretching all you want..

You have to fix why you are hurting in the first place. And this example is pulling the finger back IS THE PROBLEM.

It is also why you need to find a healthcare provider who can spend time with you to do a thorough evaluation to understand what your true cause is and give you and understanding of how we are going to address the problem and adjust your daily activities that is part of the problem.  

Most of the time you are told to move in the wrong way. A way that is going to keep you hurting. I see this all the time. Once we get to the source of the problem and you start healing, then yes, we need to work on strengthening and flexibility. But it will not work if you are hurting!  

We see people all the time that have been in pain years to just weeks. Either way they get better and no longer fear that they can not walk to take a vacation or clean their house or do gardening. They can get back to exercising without fearing that their back is going to go out again. They have the tools to know what to do if things start tightening up again. It is POSSIBLE!

I love to provide education so you have 2 ways you can learn more.

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Again, we see this all the time and have helped so many people avoid surgeries or a lifetime of medications and get back to what they love to do!