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Learn How Our Clients Were Told They Needed Surgery But Were Able To Avoid It…

It is crazy to me that we spend 5-10 min with patients at the doctor’s office, we image them and base most of the decision off the MRI.

Then we are either given exercises by the doctor from their short evaluation that probably won’t work or send them to PT and they just focus on the area the doctor imaged and are given cookie cutter exercises. It is sad that I can predict the exact exercises these potential clients were given based on the body part..

Do you remember me saying where the SITE of the pain is often NOT where the SOURCE of the pain is located? That MRI’s are not reliable when that is the main source of information based off lots of research. So many false positives.

We recently have had clients with knee pain telling them they may need to have a knee scope due to a meniscus tear. There are other conditions that mimic this and do not need surgery. Sometimes the source of the pain in the knee can come from the knee, but it also can come from the hip or spine. And sometimes it can be a combo. We have to look at the whole body. This client was so thankful, because he was told he needed to have surgery and about 1 month later he was back to his activities.

We had a couple of other clients who were having a lot of shoulder pain and difficulty lifting their arms to even touch their head. One feared she was going to need to have surgery, the other one was told she needed to have a Rotator Cuff Surgery which is horrible. That is 3 months of misery and 6 months of inactivity. No one investigated their neck or thoracic spine. Both when we moved their neck, the pain referred into their shoulder. We did NOT do anything to their shoulder, yet they had significant improvement in their shoulder range of motion after first few weeks. By the 3-4 Visit one of them had close full ROM and was so excited that she could hold her grand baby.  

Even though we did not touch their shoulder, that is not to say we will not work on their shoulder eventually, but you must get to the source of the problem first.  

These examples are just a few people we recently were able to help avoid surgery. It is not to say that we do not send people to doctors to get surgery, but that is on rare cases and when it is needed. But surgery and injections and medications are often the first line of defense these days. And sometime that is because some of the physical therapy providers out there are doing cookie cutter protocols that do not work.  

If this sounds all too familiar, please reach out and let us be a resource to you and your family. Share this with someone who is suffering from pain and may be thinking they need to have surgery. This is why at mPower Physical Therapy in Dallas we offer a FREE Discovery Visit so you can have a conversation with us first. To see if we can help you or not and help you be confident in your decision with your injury.

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