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What to do with Back Pain during the CoronaVirus?

We get it, you might not want to get out of the house because of the coronavirus but you still want to get your back pain resolved. Read the bottom to learn about a virtual event that we are doing at mPower Physical Therapy.

We had a patient who had a toothache in her hip and felt like she had a hamstring strain. She was not sure what happened, which is a common occurrence.

Back pain, back athritis, sciatica are becoming more common every single day, because as a society we are spending more time sitting, less time moving than ever before. 
Back pain can radiate from your back to your hip.  The most common causes are prolonged sitting, and improper ‘bending’ of the back.  The pain is typically caused by the activities we do during the day.

She tried EVERYTHING. She tried sitting on a tennis ball, stretching her ‘hamstrings’ and ‘piriformis’, even doing exercises for her ‘core’, but found NO relief. It had gotten to the point where she considered surgery for her back.

Why weren’t treatments working?

Like so many others had fallen into the trap of trying to fix the ‘symptom’. She had spent countless hours (and dollars) on other healthcare providers trying to fix herhip, but the pain never went away.

Even though those treatments temporarily relieved the pain, it was making her injury worse.

Why was it making it worse?

They were moving the wrong way with the stretches which was irritating her back creating more problems. She never received education on what she was doing throughout the day that was causing problems. It’s like picking a scab and trying to heal, but she was doing activities throughout her day that was hurting her (aka picking a scab). A big reason why people do not get better with their back pain. Treatment was at the site of her pain, versus where the source of the problems was.

Four areas of focus in our back pain treatment:

  1. Lack of mobility in her back. Helping to take the pressure off the back and nerve (you can do this with movement- we help people all the time avoid surgery and medications).
  2.  Education on what they are doing that is causing the problem based on our evaluation (no other Healthcare provider does this!).
  3. Once you are better, improving her hip mobility (the side of pain is almost always locked up)
  4. Getting them back to what they love to do by working on imbalances.

 In healthcare, we treat at the location of the pain, not get to the source of the problem. Since we are experiencing CRAZY TIMES with the coronavirus. Many people are stuck at home or are fearful of leaving their house to get treatment. Especially if you go to a typical physical Therapy office which sees 2-3 patients per therapist. We see 1 patient per hour so it is easy to clean before and after and make sure everything is wiped down. So we are positioned to keep everything really clean.

But we still understand there may be a fear which is why at mPower Physical Therapy we have introduced an 8week VIRTUAL BACK PAIN/PILATES COURSECLICK HERE to learn more….

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