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Are you Sure you Need Surgery for your Back, Shoulder, Knee?

Have you been told you need surgery and that is your only option… You have tried everything, and nothing has worked? You are fearful of getting closer to a rocking chair because you are slowing down? You fear you no longer can be active like you once were.

We have been helping people avoid surgery for the last 3 years.. Literally we have sent 4 patients during that time to have surgery.. Yes, 4 in 3 years!!

At mPower Physical Therapy in Dallas we have helped countless of people who had surgery scheduled to avoid it! Or maybe they thought they needed it and ended up getting back to their activities without a fear of moving the wrong way!

Why does this happen? How can we help so many people avoid surgery?

Here are a few reasons….

1.Most Healthcare offices can’t spend time with you..

Most of the time you go to a doctors office and because they have so many patients and have less time to spend with you and then resort to an MRI to give them the details of yes we need to have surgery because we found a rotator cuff tear, or a meniscal tear, or any combination of issues with the back (from small spaces between the disc, to arthritis, to facet issues, etc).

I know you have heard me say this but you can take 100 people who are pain free and fully functional and 60-80% will show everything we discussed above.. Yet they are pain free. So, you can imagine when you hurt, yes this is your problem based off the imagining… Not always the case…

Other physical therapy offices who see 2-3 patients per hour per therapist. They do cookie cutter exercises and never ask why? Why is this happening? Where is the problem truly coming from? I always say where the site of the pain is not often where the source of the pain is located.

So after trying therapy you think… I guess the doctor is right. I need to have surgery.. I have tried PT. The PT probably does not have the time to figure things out because they are seeing so many patients… This is also why doctor’s won’t send to PT because they see it does not work. Can you see the vicious cycle patients who hurt go through?

2. No one talks about lifestyle changes

Let me ask you this question? Do you really know when your pain started? How you did it? Most of the case no.. It was not from an accident. You just started to feel something. Thought it would go away eventually and sometimes it does, but then it returns. And you go to google and try to figure it out, or the doctor just gives you medications and tells you to rest and let’s see if that will work (which rarely it does..).

You did something in your lifestyle that is creating this problem.  We like to get rid of the pain which we can quickly, but then we have to figure out WHY? Why did this happen in the first place… What kinds of movement habits do you have that we need to get you out of..

What mobility and strength issues are you having that we need to address and you might be shocked that you foot is hurting, but your hip mobility is severely limited creating your foot problem.. Or you have weakness in other areas of the body that needs to be addressed.

Or you are doing something in your training or in your daily activities that we need address and is creating your problem. This is what I mean by lifestyle changes..

This is also why back surgeries lead to more surgeries because no one give you the education as to why it happened in the first place. And you go back to your exact lifestyle you had before the surgery.

With the elective surgeries opening up now, ask yourself, do you really need the surgery?

Do you fit in the category of I am not sure what I did to hurt in the first place (which means there is usually something you can do about it without surgery).  Do you want to avoid the surgery? Do you want to get back to your life of being active and playing with your kids?

Do you want to save the expense of having a surgery?  Lets face it… Insurance is not paying for much these days and it is only going to get worse… Not to mention the time of getting through the surgery and getting you moving like you did before having all these problems.

Do you want a second opinion? What do you have to lose?

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