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I Tried other Healthcare Providers that did NOT Work… Why? Stop wasting your TIME and MONEY…

We hear this all the time.. I have tried everything and nothing worked…

First of all I applaud you for trying and not giving up.. And DO NOT GIVE UP.. there is HOPE..

We see this all the time in our office but at our office they do get better. It is our specialty.

We understand. It is very depressing. You do not feel like you are in control or that you will ever get better. You feel like you have to live this way for the rest of your life…

 Or the fear of is it going to get worse??  Most likely yes.

You do not want to work out or stay active in fear that you will make it worse. You can not play with your kids or grandkids because you will pay for it the next day. So you are just existing..

You also want to avoid surgery and do not want to be on medications the rest of your life…

We get it. Even patients that decide they are going to try other places first, this is what we hear from them..

  • They do not listen to me to adjust my program. I am trying to give them the full story, but they keep working on the same thing and giving me the same program. They do not try to adjust the program to get me back fully
  • I feel like I am on my own doing the same exercises every visit. I do not have to pay for this as I can do this at home. Again, no progressions are made to my program.
  • They physical therapist that I saw at another place has 2-3 other clients they were working on at the same time.
  • I knew I would not get to the finish line with the other providers because my progress plateaued.

We literally have been told 5 times this month that “I know the other healthcare providers are not going to get me the outcome I want. And it won’t happen unless we come into your office.”

Why do other healthcare providers not provide the same outcome??

That is a good question…

Here are a few reasons why other healthcare providers can not help you:

  1. They do not have the time to spend with you. If you can not sit down to have a conversation you will not get the outcome you want… Because of our healthcare system most offices are not able to spend time with you. They are not set up to do that
  • AND your healthcare provider has to LISTEN to you…

I cannot tell you how much of a problem this is… NO one will ask you questions like “what do you want to get back to doing? And why? What are you missing out on?” They go straight to the pain and fixing the pain.

Let’s face it. Pain is not your problem. It is a symptom. Your problem is not being able to play with your kids, or run, or walk, or sit for work, etc.

  • They will not adjust your program. What is the definition of insanity… Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different outcome…

Well, that is what you are doing when you go to other offices. You go in there and you do the same thing and they do not adjust your program. If you are feeling like this is you, then you need to leave immediately..  

  • They go to the site of pain and only have one focus. So often you go to a massage therapist and they only focus on the soft tissue (that is usually a symptom- why is your soft tissue tight?). Or you go to a physical therapist and they only focus on strengthening.

When you have tried everything, it is because you have to look at the whole picture. I always say you have to check your mobility first (how your joints move), then your stability (strengthening) and then why this happened in the first place (what are you doing that is creating the problem).

It is not just one thing we look at. For example, if you have a shoulder pain your source might be coming from the neck or thoracic spine. You have to rule out other areas so you do not miss something that makes you spin your wheels of figuring this out..

These are just a short list of problems you will have with other healthcare providers.. I usually tell clients at what point are you wasting your TIME and MONEY on something that is not working. Something that is NOT getting you to the FINISH line..

Does this sound familiar.. It is why we offer a Free Discovery Visit. A visit where we can help you make a better decision about your health. Whether you see us or not.. Although most people are so fed up they just come in to see us so they can get their life back..

If you want to schedule a time for your Discovery visit just CLICK Here..

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain….