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Help!! I Do NOT Want To Have Knee Surgery… I Am Told I Have Arthritis.

Do you have inflammation in the knee? Frustrated that your knee pain keeps on returning? You are fearful you have to slow down due to your knee pain.

Trying to be active with your kids that then takes you out of doing anything for 2-3 days due to knee pain…

You want answers and the only thing you are told is you need to have surgery… Or let’s do these injections. Okay those injections did not work, lets now do a different kind of injection.  Or you are a candidate for stem cell.

Let’s stop the madness and get to the source of the problem.

If you are older than 50 and the Doctors are telling you that you need to have a meniscal surgery or a “clean up,” Just say no… The research on these type procedures is not great. Did you know that just GENERAL exercise gets better outcomes than having surgery for the long term!

But what if you get to the source of the problem and have SPECIFIC exercises made just for you and your problem. The outcome is even better!

Listen, I have a not-so-great knee. I have to manage my knee so that I can stay active. I was an athlete and had 2 surgeries on this knee (1 wish I never had!).

I wish I could tell you that do these stretches and your knee pain will go away… If it where that simple.

There are so many sources of problems that cause knee pain. Here are a few of the common problems that can creating a knee issue:

  • You could have a  back issue that is creating knee problems,
  • you could have a hip issue that is creating knee problems,
  • You can have hip tightness (IT band and lateral quadriceps) that creating knee pain,
  • You can have myofascial problems around the knee with the IT band,
  • You can have weakness in so many different areas that needs to be addressed (hips, hip rotators, hip extensors, quadriceps, hamstring, calf etc),
  • It can be a joint problem in the knee that mimics a meniscal tear but doing a few specific joint mobs in the correct direction, and 2 weeks later you are back to normal.
  • Or it can be a combo of issues.

You can see the problem with me saying just do THIS and your knee pain will go away.

The people we get in our office have tried everything without results. We get it and see it all the time. They did not get to where they are overnight. It took years to get the problems they have.

A surgery will not fix all the problems in your knee. It will not fix a hip that is tight or a back that is the problem if you only do surgery on the knee. It will not address the compensation patterns that you have created over the years.

For these reasons, it is why surgery is no better than general exercise! Just because your doctor says you have arthritis does not mean that is where the pain is coming from. Yes, there are times you need to have surgery, but more often than not, we have been able to help our clients AVOID the surgery. Even when a Total Knee Replacement or knee scope surgery was already scheduled! They were able to cancel it and get their life back.

You too can get the same outcome… Here at mPower Physical Therapy of Dallas, we have a few resources for you to learn more… First, we recently had a knee pain workshop that you can view. JUST CLICK HERE TO get to the recording of that workshop…

Or if you want our top knee pain tips.. These are the top strengthening and stretches that we give to our clients and give that a try first, JUST CLICK HERE!   These are my best advice in learning more about the knee and some of the stretches that may or may not help you…

The biggest question we get it how do I keep my knee pain away? I say, once you have been evaluated and we figure out where your problem really lies, and know what we need to do to resolve it. Then keeping up with 2-3 of the top stretches or strengthening will keep it away! The same thing you do resolve it is the same thing you do to keep it away..

If you want to get to feeling better faster and have an idea of what you specifically need to do and you live in Dallas, Texas, then just CLICK HERE to talk to one of our Physical Therapists for FREE.

Either way you have a lot of options to continue your learn and help you avoid being on medications for your life or avoiding surgery and get you back to being active without having to slow down!