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How I got my life back after back pain took away my life…when I was told there was nothing else I could do.

Is back pain side lining you? Are you fearful that you cannot bet back to playing with your kids or grandkids. Or get back to being active with walking, running, or cycling…

Exercise is what helps keep your mental peace for yourself. Or exercise is a part of your social circle.

But  Back pain has stopped all of that…

You are so fearful that you will never get back to doing the things you love…

You have lost ALL HOPE!

If this sounds like you… Or you are fearful this maybe you if you do not find answers now to resolving your back pain…

We recently had a patient come into our office feeling this way…

What I am about to tell you frustrates me to no end…

That our healthcare system is so bad that clients give up hope that it is possible that they can get better. That they feel like they will have to live with this pain for the rest of their life!

This client came into our office as a referral from a past patient. Someone who went to the doctor with pain that came on all the sudden one day. The doctor told her she had a compression fracture in her lower to mid spine.

But 6 months later she was still hurting. Her pain moved down lower into her spine. She had exercises that she was doing to help “strengthen and stretch her back out” from her exercise class. And when she told the PT what she was doing on the first visit – the said well that is what I would give you..

 Seriously?? Where is the evaluation. To figure out what is going on…

She was passed on to an assistant – someone who did not have a degree in PT (this happens often in other offices, not only will you be with several patients per therapist, but you will be pushed off to an aid in training). That person hurt her worse and now has more pain than when she came into the office originally.

After a month with this physical therapy clinic.. She was hurting worse and they told her there was nothing they could do.

The doctor’s at the same time were saying the same thing. The only thing we can do is give you drugs and do an injection.

In the meantime, she no cannot walk, bike, or do anything active. She was hurting almost all the time. The pain is exhausted, and she was emotionally spent thinking there was not hope she could get her life back.

What did we do differently?

  • We listened to her…
  • We got her whole story and asked specific questions to get a better understanding of where we needed to start our evaluation process.
  • We did an evaluation (something the other physical therapy place did not do!)
  • We go pretty good results after the first visit. Literally giving her relief and improved ROM within the FIRST VISIT! (now that does not happen all the time, but it can happen)
  • We explained what was going on. Her lower back was not moving very well and where her stress fracture was located was where ALL her mobility was coming from putting stress on that one area!
  • We are not just treating the symptoms- we are getting to the source of the problem (improving her mobility in her lower back, hip, and lower thoracic spine will take the pressure off that one area in her spine!)
  • We come up with a game plan to help her continue to improve on her own and empower her with education so she understands what she is doing to creating some of her problems..

What do you look for you are in the WRONG PLACE?

  • they do not do a through evaluation on your first visit. They just listen to you a little bit and go right into treatment.
  • They do not LISTEN TO YOU! (that is a big one)
  • They do not ask you quality questions.
  • They just tell you it is “core strength” that will fix your back pain, or “stretch your hamstrings and hips” – there is NO research sharing this works for back pain!
  • You are doing the same thing over and over without any results. They are not changing up your program based on your complaints of pain.
  • They do not explain why they are doing what they are doing to get you back to your goals of being active, or traveling, or playing with your kids, etc.
  • You are being seen by an aid and not a physical therapist! – get out! I do not care if you are paying $30 you are still wasting your time and money!
  • The physical therapist is leaving you alone doing your exercises without any feedback from them.

I could go on and on… But this is a good sign you need to get out!

Because we have seen so many of you having the same complaints, we decided to create my TOP TIPS for Fixing BACK PAIN! There is so much miss information for this body part…

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