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What The Pandemic has done to our health…

We are getting flooded with patients hurting after the pandemic. They are remembering how they use to be years ago. How they were able to workout, or play with their kids. How active they were and now they cannot do anything they did over a year ago due to pain stopping them.

Or how they managed their aches and pains, but they have gotten so much worse in the last year. They are so frustrated because now that things are opening up they can not do the things they loved to do.

So they feel stuck. They have been waiting over a year to get back to some since of normalcy and they are ready, but their body won’t work with them…

Does this sound familiar?

We are seeing this with almost every patient that comes to our office.

WHY IS THIS HAPPENING? What is going on?

Well, before the Pandemic most of our clients were active. They were out and about playing with their kids in their sports, or going to the gym and taking a class. They were out socializing. They were moving…

And now since the Pandemic hit, we have had to stay home. Our routines are completely different.

When we would go to the office we would sit and get up and talk to other employees or go down the hall to go to the bathroom. Walk to a restaurant down the street. To now working from home. And sitting all the time. Getting up to go 2 feet to go to the restroom. Staying home to eat. We were not moving. It makes a difference.

We would then stay home to sit and watch TV. We would try to workout from home, but it was different. Or maybe we just got out of the routine of working out.

We used to play with our kids outside with sports, but that went away. So, we played more board games, or video games instead of getting outside to move.

Because this pandemic lasted so long, it has completely changed how we do things. Some for the good, some for the bad.

  • We are moving less. And sitting more. This is creating lots of problems.
  • Exercises that helped with our body’s aches and pains which is why we did it and forgot that it helped so much, to now wondering why am I hurting?

You try to get back to your “normal routine” from a year ago and you are hurting worse.

I am going to use myself as an example. I use to do Yoga 1-2 x a week. I did not realize how much it helped to keep my joints moving. Plus, I would stretch everything of my normal aches and pain when they were tight after my yoga class.

I completely stopped that. Now I am wondering why is my hip hurting?  That has not hurt in years!!

I go back to my stretches, but they are not helping as much. Why? That would work in yoga.

I realized that I needed some help and I needed to get a tune up.

I had to turn to my staff to help stretch me (like I do with my clients).  This made a big difference. I also realized that the heat in yoga helped me stretch farther and after my workouts I would be more warmed up to stretch my joints that needed it farther which helped me even more…

And I am a healthcare provider who understands the body so I can understand what is going on with my body through all my knowledge. But as a non-healthcare provider, you don’t have the experience and knowledge to navigate what is going on.

It is why, you need help from an expert to help you navigate what the source of the problem is and helping give you direction on how to get your back to all the things you use to be able to do. And maybe realizing that you can feel even better than you did before the pandemic.

We have clients that were able to “manage their aches and pains” before the pandemic and thinking that this is just what is “normal” because that is just what happens as they age is feeling better than they have in 10 years!

If you are feeling like this email and feeling stuck because you are hurting even more and not getting answers then maybe it is time for us to have a conversation. This is why we offer a FREE Talking to one of our Specialists. It is to help you make a better decision about your health.

To start getting your back to living like you did before the pandemic or maybe feeling even better!

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