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What does NFL Football and Healthcare have in common?

I was talking with a long-time client, and this was our conversation. But before I give you what the NFL and Healthcare have in common, let’s hear the story of this client.

Ever so often people want to use their in-network insurance and go try another physical therapy office verses giving our office a try. I call that going to the dark side. Lol

I share this story because we want to save you money and heartache by not doing what this patient did. (but we understand you are all on your own health journey)

This client has shoulder pain and decides he wanted to try another Physical therapy place.

 (no names needed because we see this with lots of places in the area that give the same result as this one- including hospitals which by the way, physical therapy there will cost you $400 a visit! WHAT?? I know, that is another story for another day!)

So, this client was having shoulder issues and went to another physical therapy office that took his insurance and he had 30 visits and he still was not completely better. Now using football terms he said they helped but they only got him to the 20 or 30 yard line. It was not fully resolved..

Now 1 year later and still having the issue that never fully resolved, (why would you want to live this way when you do not have to) this client re irritated his shoulder again. Now he hurts even more and wants to finally get this injury fixed.

Now how much did it cost for the 30 visits, not to mention the time wasted during the day going 3 x a week (your time is valuable and that is costing you), and not getting the full resolution of knowing what to do to get the shoulder fixed!! 

Now I share this to help you not waste your time or money on things that do not work. It is why we have a FREE Discovery VISIT to help YOU make a better decision about YOUR health in how we can help!

How is Physical Therapy different at different businesses? (get to the end to read the NFL analogy)

  • He had to go through 2 or 3 therapists to find a decent one that still did not help him fully. 

All our therapists are amazing, and we work together to give you the best results. Sometimes event having 2 therapists to 1 patient!

  • They did the same treatment every time– He would go in there and tell him about what is going on and the physical therapist would do the same treatment and work in the same area…

All our therapists listen. and adjust the treatment. This client would say coming to our office, that he would explain how he was feeling, and we would adjust the treatment and work on a completely different area to get closer and closer to the results he wanted.

We understand the client holds the truth of what is going on we are the coach of the body to take what you say and apply it to what is going on. We evaluate you at every visit! We listen and adjust.

  • He was with 1-2 patients in his treatment time per 1 therapist every hour.

At our office, we see one client at a time with the therapist and sometimes you can have 2 therapists treating one client. We collaborate with all our therapists to get you the result you need.

  • 3 visits a week – can be a waste of your time?

Rarely are you coming into our office 3x a week. Saving you time in your day!

Most clients are coming in 1x a week. Because we are one on one, we can work on you to set you up for success and give you a plan each week that changes based on your progression. Think of a coach to your body. When you have a good football coach you get a winning environment. The same goes for your healthcare provider. You want someone who will help you win in the game of health and living your best life!

Here is the football analogy to healthcare..

You can go to a JV football game for FREE, or you can spend money to go see and NFL football team to get the experience and the expertise of playing at a high level. (preferably it is going to see the Cowboys Play..lol).

We are the NFL football team. Using your insurance to go in network is the watching the Highschool JV football team.

But here is the deal… We will save you time and money… You won’t need to do an unnecessary MRI (money saved), or doing a surgery that was not needed (money saved), or going to PT for 30 visits on aches and pains that do not take that long (money and time saved!)

And even if we can not fully helped, because you have other sources to your pain such as autoimmune or emotional components (PTSD, emotional pain triggers), we can get you to people who can help you.

I share this story to help you not go through what this client went through… Who by the way after the first visit on his shoulder pain was already feeling better!

Now, we are not miracle workers in that we can fix people in 2-3 visits, but we are well on our way of figuring things out and when you have tried everything and have not gotten answers, at least if it takes 3-4 visits to figure things out, we are evaluating you each time and ruling things out to give you answers!

And I am sorry a 5 min doctor’s visit is not going to be able to do that. Going to other healthcare providers who see 2-3 patients at a time is not going to give you the results or answers you are looking for. Not having critical thinking skills to understand the body and stop doing the cookie cutter exercises and stretches is not going to give you the answers!

Are you ready to stop going to the JV football games?? Want to go to an NFL football game where we will actually SAVE you MONEY!!  Want to learn how you can work with us!

Just SIGN UP HERE to get started with one of our Specialist for a FREE Discovery Visit. If you are frustrated with your care, not getting the results you want? Or you want to avoid surgery, medications or injections then do not delay in signing up! We have limited spots each week for these visits.

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