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Do you live each day with back stiffness and think this is normal?

Or maybe you think that is just what happens as I get older.

Do you wake up with back stiffness and it takes you time to be ready to hit the ground running (or walking)?

You sit and get up like you are 80 years old and think how can I be 80 in a 50 year old body. How are my friends able to stay active, but I can’t!

Do you feel like your stiffness, aches and pains are annoying and wearing you down?

The biggest question that I have for you is…

WHY are you letting your body’s stiffness hold you back from enjoying life?

Back Stiffness and aches and pains are our bodies way of telling us that something is going on. Now sometimes our body is letting us know that things do not feel perfect on our joints and muscles.

Stiffness ALWAYS comes BEFORE Pain!!

Other times our body is warning us to slow down, lift lighter and move more cautiously.

So you feel like you are just having to slow down and this is your NEW life!

Now you are not exercising or moving as much as you would like to move which leads to more stress or anxiety that you use to take care of with a walk with a friend or running and exercising to get your brain going and releasing the stresses of the day.

And other times our body may be telling us to STOP right there in our tracks.

The problem is you go to your family practice doctor who only is able to spend 10 min without (literally rushing in and out of the treatment room) for them to say just rest and take medications.

Umm, I have tried that over the last month thinking this back pain will go away and that is not working.

But you think that medications will help so you try that..

The problem with that is if you can turn you pain on or off and you can move and make your pain better or worse, drugs will not help..

You have an issue that a good physical therapist can help you with. It is mechanical meaning you need a body mechanic to help you understand what is going on and what you are doing throughout the day that is making this worse!

We do that for you!

But you give the medication a try to find out it takes the edge off, but it is not working.

You take matters into your own hands thinking this is just muscular because that is what it feels like. So you get a massage.

Well, you felt better for a few hours, but your pain returned.


Because most of the time, the muscles are just a SYMPTOM of the problem. Noone is looking at how your back, hip, and thoracic spine moves.

The joints are what creates the back stiffness.

We have to address the joint mobility often stretching the joint to get them to move better and giving you education and a game plan around what you are doing daily that could be adding fuel to the fire to your injury.

You go back to the doctor for them to tell you that you need to go see a specialist.

We are now 2 months in from going to the first doctor appointment without no results by the time you get in to see a specialist.

The orthopedic surgeon or neurologist again spends about 10 min without after imaging you and then tells you lets do and MRI to see what is going on!

The MRI does NOT TELL you WHAT IS going on!  It is just a picture of you lying down which is a position that you usually do not hurt in!

In the meantime, you keep on stretching the MUSCLE by bringing your knees to your chest wondering why you are not getting any better.

That is usually the wrong direction to move into and remember your MUSCLES are NOT the problem!

You get the MRI results back with degenerative changes or a herniation… and are told let’s go conservative first and do an injection!

First of all, as we get older- almost everyone even the pain free population will show a herniation or degenerative changes. THAT usually is NOT the PROBLEM!

Again if you can change your pain better or worse and can turn your pain off and on, injections will not work!

If you have constant pain and you cannot change your position to make it better or worse, then yes, get the injection.

So now you are 3 or 4 months in and you really think that you have to live with this pain for the rest of your life. You are depressed because you can not spend quality time with your family or friends.

You can not exercise to keep weight off and help with your stress levels of your day.

You can not travel out of rear your back may go out!

This all started with BACK STIFFNESS! That you thought was normal because you are getting older, or you thought I can still do everything until it stops you!

Does this sound like a path that you have been on!

I know because we see this all the time in our office.

Often getting people who have been hurting for 10 years without results, until coming to our office.

What do we do that is so different at our Dallas Physical Therapy office?

1. Well, we can spend TIME with you! I do not know how you can figure things our in a 10 min conversation with a doctor.

2. We get to the source of the problem. Often people only look at the site of the pain. The body is connected. You could have a back issue, a thoracic issue, a hip issue or a combo any of these. If you do not look at the whole body you are missing a piece of the puzzle.

3. We give you education on why this is happening and what you are doing throughout the day that is causing this problem! We bend forward 3500 times every day. We need to offset that motion and come up with a game plan for you on how to address and adjust your everyday activities to keep the pain and stiffness away for good!

This is just a small piece of what we do better than anyone else in Dallas!

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Either way get education on how you can keep back stiffness and Pain away for good and not having to go down the costly path and time of going through the doctor’s route that cannot spend time to truly help you get the resolution you are looking for!