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All Your Testing Comes Back Normal, But You Still Feel Like Something Is Wrong…

You are feeling fatigued.. You are getting weird symptoms such as random numbness, or gut issues, pain that does not have patterns, or just not feeling right.

Healthcare providers are stumped, or worse they don’t listen to you and say everything is fine. You might be tested and tested and passed from doctor to doctor. Yet all the tests are coming back normal.

You are frustrated because you are made to feel like nothing is wrong. Sometimes you are asked leading questions about how depressed you are. You do not know where to turn.

I will get patients that come into my office and we either have improved their mechanics with physical therapy, but they are getting symptoms that do not match a typical mechanical problem. Or they are complaining of other health related issues and asking for my advice. They have been through the run around and do not know where to go. Some of them are still going through testing. I tell them, it will probably come back normal. And it does.

This is when we talk about their body being out of balance. That they are showing signs of autoimmune conditions. We start talking about diet.

Our immune system is in our gut. When our gut is NOT healthy it can create all sorts of random symptoms (autoimmune responses). You try to eat “healthy”, but it is not working.  When we eat, then digest the food, and then once the food gets to the stomach; that is when the nutrients should then be absorbed into our body. If our immune system is not working right, I like to say the stomach is gunked up, the nutrients that our bodies need never get out of the gut.

We need to heal the gut. If we heal the gut, then we can improve the autoimmune conditions. We need to get food into our system that is pre digested.

What does that mean?

Foods that are broken down, such as smoothies. The food will get into the blood stream and work on the outside in for the gut. I also recommend a product that is dehydrated food in capsule. It is also pre digested and an easy way to get in 30 different plants into the body day in and day out. It is like juicing but without the mess or expense.

I have a program I set people up on to get rid of the big inflammatory foods such as dairy, gluten, sugar, processed foods, among other things. Adding in good foods such as fruits and veggies (which by the way is the only foods our good bacteria in our gut feed off of.  Yes, our good bacteria are vegan, LOL). Doing this for 10 days will jump start the healing processes and starting to understand the body. This is not a quick fix. It took a while to get you to this point, but over time month after month of making changes based on the program and adding in smoothies and the encapsulated food your body will start to heal. For some people who need more help, I have a few doctors who can then help, and I have had great success with.

If this message is resonating with you, and you are frustrated and want to learn more on how we might be able to help, you can send us an email at info@mpower-pt.com or call us at 214-538-2559 and we can learn a little more about what is going on with you and start a conversation to see if we can help. Our bodies have an amazing ability to heal, if we give it the right environment.

At mPower Physical Therapy in Dallas, we are here to be a resource for you..

Again, to start the process to talking to one of our PT’s just shoot us an email at info@mpower-pt.com if you want to start a conversation.