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I Have Tried Everything, How Do I Know THIS Treatment Is Going To Work?

We see people all the time that have tried a lot of different healthcare providers including physical therapy and just do not get all the way better…

Some know what physical therapy is and others have never tried it. There is conflicting information on what do it, or have you feel like you have exhausted all options, or you go to Dr. Google and research it (that makes things even more confusing). Often, they are told surgery, is the only option after trying injections or medications that are not working. Their symptoms either came back or did not completely go away. They are NOT doing the activities they love and are fearful they may never get back to being active or mobile.

We get it. It is frustrating. We hear this all the time with clients who have trusted us in their care… This is the number one topic that comes up in all our conversations. But when they do come in and are able to avoid surgeries or injections, and are able to get their life back by spending time with their family verses the exhaustion of pain, or getting back to playing tennis, or walking or what ever it is that they are limited by… They are so thankful they found us.

I have to be honest, it did take a few months for some of these people to say yes to coming into my office because they were not sure we could help, but they are now a part of our family and are thankful they did say yes….

Here are a few things that people have said about us…

Meet Julie who had a Knee problem that was limiting her from working out and playing tennis.

“I had been dealing with chronic knee pain for years after several small injuries. The surgeon was ready to slice me open, but my gut told me to try physical therapy first. mPower Physical Therapy used techniques that were different than anyone else had ever tried. After 7-8 visits later, I was back to jogging and playing tennis with no pain. Thank you mPower Physical Therapy for giving me the lifestyle back I missed so dearly. “

Meet Rob who has having neck pain and headaches that he was losing out on time spent with his family because he was exhausted from the pain. He was fearful he was not going to be able to work if this did not get better.

I highly recommend mPower Physical Therapy in Dallas for anyone who suffers from neck and back pain. I had severe neck pain, and they were able to prescribe a treatment regimen that took my pain away without drugs. I tried chiropractic treatments, massage, but neither worked for very long. I desperately needed a lasting solution that would allow me to live and work a normal life. I needed to be free from worry about when the next headache would send me home from work.

After they solved my neck problem, I asked them to treat my college- age daughter, who was experiencing significant hand pain. mPower Physical therapy was able to help her by prescribing weekly treatment sessions and exercises between the sessions. They are currently working with my other daughter who has had back surgery and is experiencing lower back pain still. I have no doubt that they will help her as well. “

Meet Cristina who has had back pain for years without no solutions that were lasting.

“I can’t say enough about how mPower Physical Therapy has changed my life. I’m 28 and have been suffering from back pain due to a herniated disc since the age of 16. I tried everything to alleviate the pain from physical therapy (that didn’t work), cortisone injections, massage,  chiropractic care and acupuncture. I stay active and do yoga regularly, but my back pain was a constant companion…until I met mPower Physical Therapy. I was hesitant to try another physical therapist after my other failed attempts but mPower Physical Therapy is in a league all their own. They have given me techniques that in under a week completely relieved my pain!!!! I never realized how much my back pain was impacting my quality of life and thanks to mPower Physical Therapy in Dallas my quality of life is better than I ever would have hoped for! Now my boyfriend (who is a dentist) is seeing them too! :)”

Nothing warms our heart more than helping someone else get their life back. It is why we do physical therapy the way we are doing physical therapy- one on one treatments for the whole session, listening, setting you up on a program specific to what is going on with you, getting to the source of the problem, and figuring out what you are doing throughout the day that may be part of the problem.

If you want to learn more on how we can help you, just email us back at info@mpower-pt.com… Lets start a conversation and see if we can help you.

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