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Why Core Strengthening Does Not Work When You Have Back Pain?

I do not know how many times I hear patients that come to my office who have been to numerous healthcare providers with back pain are being told they just need to strengthen their core or stretch their back and hamstrings. Other things I hear is to lose weight and that will help. You will find a lot of articles telling you core strengthening is the key.

The problem is none of these things get to the source of the problem. None of these things give the patient education as to what they are doing through out the day that is creating their problem. Core strengthening helps after you fix the problem.

Most of the time when asking patients what they did. They can not pin point what they did to create their back pain.ww It just happened one day. The woke up with pain.

It is accumulation of things you are doing daily that compound over time and eventually you do one thing and that sets off the back pain.

You probably are being told that back pain eventually goes away with time.

Yes that is true, because you avoid the things that are creating the problem. It goes away, but then it comes back again and each time it comes back it gets worse, or stays longer.

Does this sound like you??

Listen to my video I made on this topic as to why this happens and some of the missing education you are not getting.

If you feel like you are doing cookie cutter exercises, not getting enough time or education spent with you, or just not getting better.

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