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Are You Frustrated That You Can Not Get Rid of YOUR TENDONTIIS!!

Why do we do ONLY injections for a tendonitis? Whether it is in your elbow, in your foot (achilles tendon or peroneal muscle on the lateral part of the foot), or your knee; injections only do not work…

So if your pain continues to return and you are not getting better after your Injections, then you need to read this!

These structures are meant to be loaded, meaning they are meant to take on the weight of our every day activities. When you can not load these structures because it hurts, it means you need to remodel this tissue.

What does Remodel the tissue mean?  You have to start loading this structure with lighter weight and gradually build up the tolerance until it can take the load. If you over load the tissue it will inflame it especially when the tissue is already injured.

I always say you have to get to the source of the problem. An injecting a tendon for due to the inflammation is not a solution. You are treating a symptom and your pain will return unless you can find a physical therapist who specializes in getting to the source of YOUR problem.

We recently have had 2 patients who have had similar stories where they went to several doctors who just wanted to give them injections.

One patient had elbow pain for almost 2 years. He got an injection into his elbow, got better but the pain returned. He got another one, same thing happened.  He finally got a prescription for physical therapy after seeing a 3rd doctor after 2 years of continuing to have problems.

We ruled out other possible causes to his elbow pain. I explained to him the above message and started treatment to get to the source of his problem. We gave him guidance on exercises to start with and literally within 3-4 visits he was getting back to playing tennis pain free. We are continuing his strength and functionals strength so this will stay away and not come back.

You CANNOT treat a mechanical problem (aka biomechanics of who the body moves) with chemicals (drugs). You are treating the wrong problem.

The other patient had a similar issue in his foot. He again when to several doctors. Gave him orthotics and medications. He felt better initially, but started to walk a different way. He tried cold laser and again did not have success. He was getting frustrated because he now was having problems with walking and running. It was really starting to limit his life.

We found weakness, tightness, compensation all the way up into his hip. Because he had this for a long time we were having to address a lot of patterns he created because of this pain. He could already notice a difference after the first 2 visits. We are continuing to progress his exercises to get him back to what he loves to do…

The moral of the story is you have to find the source of the problem. It is different for everyone. It takes a thorough evaluation to truly understand what is going to be best for you..

If you are frustrated with your cookie cuter exercises at another healthcare providers office or your only options you are getting is rest and medications or injections, give us a call at mPower Physical Therapy in Dallas. We do FREE TALK TO A PT so we can learn more about what is going on with you to see if we can help. We do this because we want you to be confident in your decision to come to us. If you want to learn set up a FREE TALK TO A PT, Just CLICK HERE to start the process in setting this up. Or you can always send us an email atinfo@mpower-pt.com.  We have LIMITED Spots weekly, so do not delay in reaching out to us.