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Do You Have PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) With Your Injury? It Is Okay, We Can Help

Yes, this is a real thing..

It is something I work with all the time in my office. In Healthcare we throw big scary terms around without a lot of education and we throw options at patients that do not put them in control such as giving them drugs or injections or surgery.

The problem is that no education is being given…

Most of the people that come into my office have no clue what how they got injured. And without education on that and what they are doing throughout the day, they will go back to the same patterns, positions and activities and their pain will return after doing those procedures above.

The patient will try other healthcare providers who might do cookie cutter processes or just look at the soft tissue, or just look at strength, but you have to look at the WHOLE PERSON. So, the patient feels hopeless.

They get anxiety around not wanting to move or doing anything in fear of their pain getting worse. They have lost hope, they are not spending quality time with their family, they are not able to play with their kids like they want to, they cannot stay active.

Sound Familiar??

Once we get people in the office and they start feeling better, we have to give them a lot of education about this being a process. You will feel sore from moving something that has not moved in a while. Don’t let your head go back down the path to when this started and feeling hopelessness, because you can get out of this and you can get better if you work at it.

When people get to this state, there is a huge psychological component that we have to address. Whether their pain started around a stressful event in their life or just a bad experience with our healthcare system; we have to deal with these emotions.  Here is part of what we do to help our patients:

  • A lot of what we do is provide education and confidence that they will be okay.
  • We put them in control with exercises they can do to control the pain and understanding what they are doing throughout the day that is creating this problem (it is like picking a wound that we don’t stop picking at and the wound never goes away- we teach you how to stop picking your wound).
  • We teach them how to progress their activity safely.
  • We spend time with them. Time is something no one else is providing.
  • They are able to contact our office between appointments when they start sliding back and we can help them keep their mind moving forward with the progress.

Most of the time in our Healthcare system, we just treat the symptoms, never getting to the source. At mPower Physical Therapy in Dallas, we get to the source of the problem. I always say where the pain is located is often not where the source of the problem is located. One we get to the source we slowly progress you back to your activities, putting you in control in what you can do and what you need to avoid in the short term. Lots of education goes with this to help them realize that they are in control more than they think.

They do get better and they do get back to their life they once enjoyed. PTSD is a real thing with some injuries that needs to be address and you have to spend time with them. Time is what most healthcare providers don’t have nor do they often listen or understand the patient.

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