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Why Healthcare Is NOT Working! And How It Is Similar to Taking Your Car Into The Shop…

Do you have problem and fearful of losing your mobility? Not feeling like you being heard? Are you going to the doctor without moving you? Just taking a picture and saying this is the surgery we need to do?

Well, you are not alone…

 I like to compare our healthcare to taking your car into the shop (GUYS.. You will love this analogy).

Your car has problems, so you decide to take it into the shop. They hook it up to a computer and it spits out 5 different things that are wrong… Are all 5 things wrong?? No, just one thing is wrong. So the car mechanic says we need to replace all 5 things. And you do and you still have problems.. Or you spend a fortune fixing things that are not problems.

Let’s look at when you take your car into a shop with a well-versed mechanic. You know the type. You tell them a few things, they ask you questions and they magically know exactly what needs to be done.. And it is fixed!! You love this guy or gal  😊.

This is our healthcare. You go see a doctor. They spend 5 min with you and want all this testing and they say look here, this is your problem. We need to fix this. You have the surgery and you still have problems. You get injections and that is not helping. You try so many other providers and you still are not getting help.

 I hope I am not a broken record when I tell you the research on MRI’s are not great. As we age we will show things on our imaging when we are pain free. Like 80-90% of us will show something as we age. It takes spending time and moving you around and LISTENING to you to understand if what is on the imaging is really what is the problem. Remember, I always say where the site of pain is not always where the source of the pain is located.

Like finding a good mechanic for your car;  finding a good mechanic for your body is priceless. Let me tell you a story. I recently had a patient who came into my office who was told by a surgeon (a really good surgeon- one who I would have surgery with), that they needed a Total Hip Replacement. His imaging showed that, but he was not even touched or moved by the doctor. The surgeon only looked at the image, that is all..

This patient wanted to make sure and was trying anything to not have a total hip replacement yet. He was young. He found us through another patient,  we looked at him. He had several things in our conversation that did not correlate to what I would think would be said if he needed this surgery. So we moved him. No problems with movements other than the hip joint was tight. But no grinding or pain with the movement.

We started doing treatment and manually stretching his joint in the direction that he responded well to. He did get some popping, but only when we put his quad on a stretch… So interesting. By the end of the treatment he was moving better with much less pain. Fast forward a few more visits, he is doing more activities and not having problems. We still need to work on his hip mobility and strength, but they have hope that they will get back to yoga and working out without problems. They even made a comment that Insurance should be giving me a bonus for saving them so much money (like 100K worth of savings).

Are you frustrated with your healthcare? Are you not getting the care you need? Do you want to avoid surgery or medications? Do you need some hope that you could get better? Maybe we need to have a conversation…

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