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Do You Feel Like You Are 80 Years Old While Getting Out of Your Chair Due to Your Back Pain?

Do you feel like you are 80 years old getting out of a chair because of your back pain?

It takes you a while to straighten up after you have been sitting for a while?

But when you get up and start walking around, you’re a back feels better. Frustrated that you cannot get better. That your back pain has been off and on for years and now is always there with no solutions on what you can do? You are told that you have arthritis, or degenerative changes and are told that you must LIVE with it. Or you need to take medications (that are not working) or go to pain management (more drugs/injections) or you need another surgery. Stop the madness.

Patient’s are made to feel like there is nothing THEY can do…

They must rely on procedures or drugs. You are told that you have arthritis or degenerative changes and there is nothing you can do.. You are told you have Stenosis and there is nothing you can do.. Stop the Madness..

No one is empowering you with education on what YOU can do. The picture I painted above is common and can be helped. So often you see a doctor for 5 min and they take a picture of your back and don’t even really move you and they base everything off imaging.

Here is the deal. Imaging is not reliable if that is the only thing you use. So this leads to more disability, more unnecessary procedures and more frustration. No one sits down with you for 1 hour to ask questions to get a good understanding of your problem, what you want to get back to and moving your around to confirm what is going on.

I do not know how many people came to us with the above diagnosis who got full resolution of their symptoms and a good understanding of how to manage their back if any of the back pain or stiffness returns. We have helped tons of people over the last 10 years resolve this and manage this on their own without procedures, medications or injections.

At mPower Physical Therapy in Dallas we help people who are in their 40’s- 70’s and beyond (yes we have helped people even in their 90’s) get their life back. We give people hope that it is possible to LIVE again doing the things you love. No longer fearing moving or that you cannot go on that vacation, pick up your grand kids or kids, being able to walk or run again for exercise or whatever story you are telling yourself.

Does this sound like you? Email us at info@mpower-pt.com or call our office and either ask to TALK to one of our PHYSICAL THERAPIST FOR FREE or ask to be a part of our next FREE Workshop! What do you have to lose? Why suffer any longer?