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How to Avoid Having Hip Surgery

We see people all the time with hip pain. The have a generally achiness and tightness that is in their gluts and sometimes can wrap around to the front of their hip. They have problems sitting and being on their feet for a while, They notice that their mobility in their hip is not as good as it use to be.  They try stretching a lot (fig 4 and hamstring) but this seems to make it worse or not help at all.

They sometimes can have sharp pain it they move a certain way and they feel like their leg may give away. This does not happen with everyone but can be common with some.

They might have had imaging that shows a labral tear and now you are fearful that you now may need to have surgery. The hard part is you go from doctor to doctor without any real solutions.

Sure, you may find someone who will do surgery, but is this really the right option?

We tend to find people having more problems from having the surgery. Sure, it is needed sometimes, but there is a reason why you have a hard time finding a doctor who will do the surgery, because the surgery does not often work. Or one surgery will lead to other surgeries.

Common diagnosis’s that you get are bursitis, tendonitis, labral tear, dead butt syndrome, piriformis syndrome, SI joint issues, high hamstring tendonitis; but these are just the symptoms. They are not the source of the problem.

This happens to the active person, like a runner or cyclist to the everyday person who just wants to sit and walk around the mall without problems.

There is a condition that mimics all these condition. Most of the time you are stretching the joint the wrong way. You have to get the MOBILITY back FIRST before you can work on the soft tissue and strengthening. This is why you strengthen and strengthen and you are not getting stronger. It is also way you do soft tissue, massage, ART, dry needling and it helps but does not fully resolve it. Once you get the mobility then you have to work on getting the strength and core stability back.

Then we can slowly get you back to resuming your full activities. I have had several patients like this recently.

Check out the stories below…

We had one client who was a dancer and the mom asked why no one else has been able the help her daughter like we have? It is our relentless focus on continuing our education to bring the best to you and the fact that we can spend 1 on 1 time with all our clients to really get to the source. Lots of education and learning can happen when we get to spend that much time with you.  

We had another client who was doing rock climbing and her leg got caught and she twisted. She was fearful she might have to have surgery. She could not work out and she would stand after sitting and sometimes have pain that would want to make her fall. She had times she felt totally normal and other times she did not trust her leg. Her mobility improved with the first treatment and she felt like she had so much more trust in her leg after the treatment. She is well on her way to getting back her workouts so she has time for herself and decompress for the days activities.

We had another client that was having a hard time walking. Literally fearing she might fall on certain types of floors. She could not take her strides like she use to take. We worked on her and now she no longer feels like she is heading for the rocking chair (yes she said that). She has more energy and no longer fears traveling due to all the walking. She is now in our Pilates program to continue to work on her balance and strength.

Does this sound similar to you? Are you having hip problems? Do you want to avoid surgery? Do you want to see if we can help you? Maybe you know a friend that has been struggling with this for too long?

At mPower Physical Therapy in Dallas we can sit down with you for FREE to talk more about what is going on to see if we can help. If you want to sign up for a FREE DISCOVERY VISIT CLICK HERE. We have limited spots weekly for these appointments so reach out, so you do not have to suffer from this anymore!!