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5 Reasons You should Do Pilates In Your 40’s, 50’s and Beyond

We know it is important to stay active as we age. The saying, if you don’t use it you will lose it, is true.

I don’t care if you are a runner or just trying to walk to go on a vacation. We think we are moving as much as we use to move, but that is not always true. We tend to get the aches and pains and not sure why. We don’t recover as fast to doing those classes that we use to do. We also know we need to add MORE strength training as we age, but it does not have to be with heavy weights or classes tailored for the younger population. There are so many benefits to strength training.

This is where Pilates comes into play. Here are my TOP 5 reasons to do Pilates in your 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and beyond at our office.

    It Protects Your JOINTS!!

    Even if you have some aches or joint stiffness, Pilates is great for you. It can improve your mobility and flexibility around your joints. And if you have a difficult time working out due to stiffness or soreness, you can do Pilates. It is joint friendly. You can move and strengthen which will help you stay active doing the things you love such as traveling, walking, running, playing with your kids or grandkids.

    Helps With Balance

    We tend to start having some balance problems as we age, but it does not have to happen. You will decline the minute you stop challenging yourself. because Pilates works on the small core muscles, your balance will improve. It also helps you move in multiple planes and getting out of your comfort zone. We have clients who feared they were moving closer to a rocking chair and not going to be able to travel, to now feeling better than they felt in over 10 years!!

    Improves Your Other Activities

    We tend to slow down on strengthening activities as we age. Maybe we run, but don’t go to the gym to strengthening. Maybe we don’t go to the gym at all because you do not know what to do or the classes might be too hard. As we age, it becomes even more important that we do strength training. When keep on challenging our body working on the stabilizing muscles, it will improve your posture, your walking, your running, your ability to work around the house, play golf and so much more. Most of the muscles we work on are forgotten in a lot of workouts

    Moves You Out Of Your Comfort Zone

    Let’s face it, as we get older we move in one plane. We sit, we stand, we walk, we run and repeat it daily. We move in the same positions. We need to get out of moving only in this plane of movement and as we age it is even more important. When we were younger we moved all over the place. We need to work on getting out of our comfort zone as our body is meant to move in multiple plans and we need to continue to challenge our b

    It Is Good For All Ages

    The people we see at our office want to stay active. They do not want to slow down. Or They have slowed down and fear they can never be active like they use to be. They want to avoid having surgery or being on medications. We have clients that progress to Pilates that are in their 40’s and we have clients into their 90’s!! that is Right 90’s!! Pilates is for all ages and we can adjust.

    We have several options for you coming up in the new year to HELP keep you from SLOWING DOWN…

    • Option 1: is for people who have  back stiffness or fearing working out due to throwing their back out. We have developed our PILATES BASICS: Getting You [BACK] to LIVING LIFE! Lots of education and progression of exercises you can do at home!! Get on the wait list to save your spot. (We only take 6 spots)
    • Option 2: our 1 on 1 Pilates. You can try a Taster for FREE to meet our instructor and try a Pilates for 30 min.
    • Option 3: our Classes: These are starting this Month!! We already are starting to fill classes. Want your name on the list Email us so we can get you on the list. We are starting with a limited number of classes.
    • Option 4: Following us on Facebook at mPower Physical Therapy to continue to get education until you are ready to come in for a TASTER!!

    Send us an email at: info@mpower-pt.com to discuss which on you would like to learn more about.