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How to Stay ACTIVE even though you have KNEE ARTHRITIS

Have you been told you have knee arthritis? That there is nothing you can do? That you are moving in the direction of having a total knee replacement? Or you need surgery to “clean the knee out?”

You feel defeated because you try to stay active, but you hurt. You do not think there is anything you can do so you just give up. You want to play with your kids, or just walk to go travel or maybe you want to be able to exercise just a little bit so you can feel like you are normal?

Does this sound like you?

We have heard this before and often there is so much you can do to improve your situation. Often we get people who have been hurting for years. We find there is not just one thing we need to work on, but layers of things.

Here is the deal….

If you work on getting the strength back first, it will often not work… that is why you hurt when you do the simplest exercises. You can do it one day and not the next, or you knee will hurt and swell up.

We must get to the source of the problem. There are so many sources that can produce knee pain. It can come from the back, the hip, the knee, tightness around the knee, compensation patterns that needs to be addressed, weakness.

If you do not get to the source of the pain, then you cannot work on the strength and you will have a hard time getting back to your activities feeding into I just need to have surgery.

We saw a runner come to the office recently; they were having knee pain all the time. Just pushing up out of a chair hurt the knee. He was having a lot of problems running and walking was becoming an issue to. We found that his hips were not moving. So, we started there. Once we improved the mobility in the hip, he was able to stand up from a seated position without problems. But running still was not good.

We then had to figure out why his hamstrings close to his knee were so tight and hurting. We found that his hips on that side were not activating. Literally we had a hard time finding an exercise to get his gluts firing. We found one and he did it often and then we progressed his exercise and has he got stronger, his hamstring pain went away and he was running better.

It is not just one thing, it is layers and you need to know what to start with first.

We had another patient that was completely defeated. They could not play sport with their kids or their knees would swell up for a week. They tried to work out but sometimes they could and other times they were debilitated.  They could not even go up or down stairs without holding on to railing due to the knee wanting to give out or pain.

They were told they were going down the path of a total knee replacement and to do yoga and gentle strengthening by the doctors.

No guidance, no mention of doing physical Therapy.

Within in the first visit, she was hopeful again and already feeling better and empowered on things she can do to help her situation and things to avoid.

You see we are the coach of your body. You will get guidance on what you need to do and what you need to avoid for the short term. We work together to help you start the steps to hitting your goals.

If this sounds like you or you know a friend who needs help, PLEASE have them either call us or share this blog post with them. We can at the very least set you up with a FREE REPORT on my top tips to Eliminate knee pain. You can get to that report by CLICKING HERE! Or if you want shoot us an email and share with us what you have been told or what you have tired and we can start a conversation. Just email us at info@mpower-pt.com. Either way we want to give you hope that you can get better and provide resources to you to help give you education. We are here to HELP YOU!