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Why do Pilates? – A story of no longer FEARING to have to SLOW DOWN

Why did we add Pilates to our Physical Therapy office?

Lets face it. I am not getting any younger. I abused my body and my knee joints were hurting with even just walking. I was having to slow down with my running and my workouts. What was next? Not being able to be active? Then what? Slowing down on walking and traveling which is a love… Now my head is really getting into that tailspin of worst case scenario… Can you relate?

It happens to all of us… What I love about Pilates is that it is great on the joints. You can start at a very low level (seriously if a 90 year old can do it, so you can you!) and you can progress to a very high level. I have had elite athletes work with me and they are really challenged. All levels can do this.

When you CAN move without your joints hurting you will regain strength through the movements. We tend to work only in the range our joints able to move without pain. We have to be able to move through the full range of the joint to regain strength. You can do this without hurting and this is where Pilates comes into play. It is so great on your joints. You can start slow and use props to help take weight off the joint while moving through the motion.

If you can not progress to weight bearing and movements, you will get stuck and that is what happens. It starts with your workouts- you can’t squat as far, then this gets harder, so you stop and then that translates into other things and so on.. Lets stop this cycle.

Working on the core is also key.  When you can work on the core strength from the abs, gluts, back you will have better movements and you will be more efficient with your movements (less tired with movements). You also will have better balance.

We had a client recently tell us before starting Pilates she was fearful she was headed to the ROCKING CHAIR.. She was not going to be able to travel soon. She was going to be stuck in her chair just watching TV!! THIS WAS NOT TRUE.. She improved week by week and now is standing taller, has better balance, no longer fear of falling, she has more energy and is doing more. She no longer fears that she will have to stop anything and now this is apart of her wellness plan.

Does any of this sound like you?

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