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I Thought I was Going to Have to Sleep in my Recliner Forever Due to Back Pain…

We had a client come into our office originally for knee pain. Let’s call him “Bob”. Bob was having issues playing his sport due to his knee giving away and having pain. He was feeling like he might have to give up his sport, but he loved it because it got him out and socializing. Plus he loved doing it.

We knew we could help out with his knee we knew exactly what we needed to do to get full resolution. Bob lost some of his range of motion in his knee which we got back and taught him how to keep it. Then we had to work on regaining his strength in the leg…

He had a hard time doing a single leg squat which was going to be a huge issue getting him back to his sport. Long story short he regained the strength was back playing pain free after progressing his exercises weekly.

BUT the second issue was more alarming to us. He told us he was sleeping in his recliner due to having back pain. It has been at least a year since being able to lay flat and sleep on his bed.

He told us the doctors said his spine was fusing and that there was nothing he could do. So, he was just “living with it!”

Of course, we do not like that answer. I won’t accept that answer that there is nothing you can do. I always believe there is something you can do if you get to the source of the problem. If you can not get full resolution, you can get much closer than just “dealing with the pain!”

I also do not like imaging dictating the outcome of what you have to accept. I know you hear me all the time saying what you see on Imaging is not often where the source of the problem is coming from.  

So we got to work on his back. His spine started to improve in ROM (even though his SPINE WAS FUSING!). So we had him taking naps in his bed to try it out and he was able to do it.

We continued to push his ROM and the more we did the better he got.. (This just shows that you can not rely on imaging alone to get the whole picture).

Bob came into out office telling us he is back in his bed sleeping! He thought he was going to have to throw the bed out the window forever because he never thought he would ever get to sleep in it again.

He also said he barely has stiffness anymore. He can get up and move around within 1-2 minutes his stiffness is gone.

He said he never thought he could feel this good! Did not even think it was possible. This was in just a month of us working on his back he got his life back! A life he never thought he would have again!

What did you learn from this? Do not take “IT IS NOT POSSIBLE” for your answer!

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What else did you learn?

DO NOT take Imaging as the gold standard of what is going on with you! Often the source of your problem is not coming from there. And if it is the source of your problem, we will know based off your evaluation and response to what we do. It will match what is on the MRI which rarely it does.

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