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I cannot tell you how many people who have been told by a doctor, “that is just want happens as we get older.”

Or “you are not bad enough to have surgery or I do not see that much wrong with you for you to be in this much pain.”

Or “You have arthritis.” So you fear you have to live with this for the rest of your life. Or you are told you need to have surgery (which may not be the case)

how to stay active as you age

You have tried everything…. It is no wonder you feel like you just have to live with the Pain as you get older…

Physical Therapy- who does the same exercises each visit without changing things up and thinking it will eventually get better

Or worse, you are doing everything we would be doing, just keep going (yes that has happened). To then being told, there is nothing else we can do! (a big chunk of our clientele has been to PT before without results. But we get the results!)

They Try a Chiropractor who just pops and goes. Without giving them education on why this is happening and what they can do to make their work stick!

They Try a Massage therapist– who just works on the tissues and does not get to why the tissue is getting tight in the first place. So their pain returns hours and does not last.  

This is a common theme at our office. Why do we get results?

Because we can spend the time with our clients. To listen to their story, to put the clues from what you tell us to get to the source of the problem. To changing the program up with each visit you come into our office. Working towards your goals of NOT just Pain relief, but getting you back to living your life, such as riding a bike, hiking, playing with your kids or grandkids, traveling and walking, running.

Whatever it is for you.

Maybe it is just to have energy at the end of the day to spend time with your family. The pain is sucking your energy and you are just living to work and manage through your pain just to come home exhausted and wanting to do nothing to doing it all over again the next day.

This is no way to live and you do not have to live this way! We see this all the time.

It is why we are partnering up with the YMCA  to put on an event for you to empower you with education that it is possible to stay active as we age without the aches and pains.

This VIRTUAL EVENT is on Tuesday, Sept 28th from 6-7 pm!

What will you learn in How to keep your aches and pains away as you age:

1. Why staying active as we age is so important to your health, such as keeping your energy up, improving your balance, helping with bone health and much much more.

2. I am stiff and my joints do not move very well

So many times people are stretching the wrong way. Sure, you may have hamstring tightness, but that tightness might be a symptom of something else that going on in the hip. And you stretching your hamstring might be making your hip worse or not helping at all. Then you start to think, that is just what happens as I get older. Not true.

You will learn more on this topic at this event!

3. Why arthritis might NOT be why you are hurting. Arthritis gets used all the time as THE REASON you are hurting. Learn why at this next event.

Yes, there is hope… Too many people come in thinking that arthritis is the reason for their pain, when instead it was a tendonitis, or tight muscles around the joint, or the reason for the pain was coming from somewhere else.

Remember, I always say where the sight of the pain is often not where the source of the problem is located. Many healthcare providers including doctors only look at the SITE of the pain… That is a problem

4. Why Imaging might be leading you down the path of unnecessary procedures- Yes, learn what the RESEARCH is saying about MRI… You will be shocked! I always say it is an EXPENSIVE SELFIE.

5. Why Surgery, injections and Medications are overused (I can count of my hand how many people we have sent to have surgery in 4 years!!) When you are not sure what you did to start hurting, then can get resolution without surgery or medications. Learn why they do not work and how to know when you may need an injection or medication.

6. Learn how to stay active as you age! You do not have to live with the aches and pains, and you can stay active as you age! It is possible.

If you said, I want to learn about that, then you need to SIGN UP for this event ASAP! We have limited spots.. If you missed it, just send us and email at info@mpower-pt.com and ask for the recording of “how to stay fit you age”

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If you can not make it but want sit down with one of our specialist to talk through what is going on with you and to see if we can help, then CLICK HERE to sign up for a FREE DISCOVERY VISIT!

This is a great way to learn specifically on how we can help you, what we would look at to see what other healthcare providers have missed and to start giving you answers as to why you are having your aches and pains.

It is possible to feel good as you get older without living with the aches and pains! We see it all the time!