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5 Tips to Get Arthritis Pain Relief as We Age

We have many clients who are looking for natural ways to get Arthritis Pain Relief.

They come to us are frustrated because they are told they have arthritis by their doctor and the only options that are given are to take medications, get an injection or have a surgery.

They are told this is just want happens as they are getting older, that there is nothing they can do about it.

When our clients hear arthritis the immediately think they are going to have live with this pain for the rest of their life.

They feel defeated because they still want to be active, to be able to travel, to play with their kids or grandkids without feeling debilitated or in pain for days after doing minimal activities.

They are fearful of moving due to what may happen hours or days after doing that activity.

How can we stay active and Get Arthritis Pain Relief as we age?

Here are 5 tips to help you Get Arthritis Pain Relief:

1. Arthritis might not be creating your Aches and Pains as we Age.

I am convinced that when doctors do not know what to tell you on why you are hurting, they just say your pain is due to arthritis. Doctors only have only had 10 min to talk with you in the appointments now, and when you are not sure what you did to hurt, 10 min is not long enough to figure out why are hurting.

And that is a problem.

Secondly, everyone will get what looks like arthritis in their body. Just like everyone will get wrinkles on your face when you get older. It is just apart of aging. Most of the time I find that the aches and pains are really coming from something else.

For example, a joint could be stiff and not moving. Or you could have tightness in areas that need to be released and working on compensations – more on that later.

This should be great news. Because that means, there are things you can work on to relieve arthritis pains as you age!

2. Motion is lotion- moving your joints helps give you Arthritis Pain Relief

We hear this all the time. Motion is lotion to our joints. But what if we are stiff. How can we move something that stiffens up?

Well think of it this way. If you are always sitting and bending with your back or hip, for example. Let’s take the joint in the opposition direction and stretch it backwards.

This will help to getting the joints to move better and in return helping you reduce tightness and protection from the joints not moving very well.

Give it a try. You can stand backwards next to a counter and arch the back in a backward or extended position. You may feel stiff at first, but as you keep moving you will notice that you start to feel better.

You can do the same for your hips. If you are sitting a lot or riding the bike a lot and always bending forward at the hips. Get in a kneeling position and stretch the hip backwards and hold it. Try to get the front of the hip close to the floor- it is not possible to touch the thigh to the floor, but you get the idea.

Yes, you will feel a stretch in the front of the leg muscle, but we are doing this to stretch the joints. Give this a try and do the same with other areas of the body. We often stretch the wrong way. But apply this concept to other areas of the body.

3. Reduce your muscle tightness around the painful joints can give you Arthritis Pain Relief.

We find that at times we find a lot of muscle tightness around the painful joints. This needs to get released and we must find why it is getting tight.

That is the key…

If you do not find out why your muscles are tightening up, then you will go through the same patterns in your lifestyle that will tighten the muscles back up!

Sources of tightness can be, from joints that are stiff and can be helped as we stated above.

You could be doing too much activity and that area of tightness is taking much of the load or activity tightening up that muscle. So, we have to look at your activity level as a possible problem.

Compensation is a big one. As you could be recruiting the wrong muscles due to weakness in other areas of the body. So, you must find out why your tissue is tightening up.

4. Improve your compensation or poor movement patterns will give you Arthritis Pain Relief

Just like I stated above, you could be recruiting the wrong muscles. Have weakness in other parts of the body creating problems in another area of the body.

For example, we had a client who was recruiting mostly their quadricep muscle (the front leg muscle) when testing their hip strength. This is a problem and was creating a lot of their knee pain. Their hips were weak, and their quadriceps took over making that tight creating pain on the outside of the knee.

You can see if you just release the tightness without fixing the compensation, the pain will just return. So, getting to someone who understands the body like mPower Physical Therapy of Dallas to help you will help relieve your aches and pains as you age.

5. Get to someone who specializes in the body to help give you Tips on how to get Arthritis Pain Relief.

Getting to a specialist who can perform a thorough evaluation will help you get answer much quicker. And get you back to being active without the fear of slowing down as we age due to the aches and pains.

We want you to know that it is possible to feel better even if you are told that you have arthritis, or that is just want happens as you get older. We see great results all the time.

We have several options for you to continue your learning on how to relieve Pain in various body parts without painkillers…

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