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How to Reduce Chronic Stress Without Taking Medications

We’re sure everyone in Dallas has experienced some type of stress in their daily lives, whether that be work, family life, or something else entirely, it’s a normal part of life to be stressed.

However, what some people don’t realize is that chronic stress (prolonged stress for a long period of time) has a huge impact on your health and your body exhibiting symptoms like aches and pains in your joints.

Stress has even been linked to very serious medical conditions such as headaches, insomnia, digestive issues, and even heart disease.

Of course, these conditions are very scary and very real, however, we can tell you that stress doesn’t have to contribute to your health issues, and the best part is you can recover naturally without reliance on pain meds.

We tell you how to reduce your chronic stress naturally without taking pain medications!

How To Reduce Chronic Stress Without Taking Medications

Identify Your Trigger

Identifying what triggers your stress is the first step to breaking a cycle naturally.

A typical example of how someone with chronic stress may think is “I have too much to do, I don’t have enough time, if I don’t get it done something may happen”

Does this sound like you?

You’re probably overwhelmed with a task at work or you’ve tried to pack too much into the day and it’s not going to plan. Which is okay!

In this case, your trigger may be feeling overwhelmed. if you identify this as a pattern and this is typically when your symptoms begin, you’ve found your trigger.

What Are The Physical Signs?

What is the physical sign that happens when you feel overwhelmed?

Is it pain, or migraines, or heart palpitations? Only you know your body.

Once you have identified the typical pain you feel when you begin to stress, you can then start to break a cycle.

Break The Cycle

Triggers and symptoms are all a part of a stress cycle. it might start at a particular job you had where you felt overwhelmed, but now you’re carrying that stress with you into different parts of your life.

The knee-jerk reaction in these situations is to react with the same mechanism we discussed earlier beginning the stress cycle with your trigger.

But now you’ve identified your trigger and symptoms, you can begin to tackle the real problem, the loop.

Ask yourself, what is the process you go through as you begin to stress, what are your exact thoughts, and what are you telling yourself? Once you stop and listen to that loop, you can begin to answer the questions you give yourself. For example “is this true? Am I running out of time?” You will be able to say no.

If you follow this method you will be able to react less and less to your triggers, therefore limiting how much stress you’re putting your mind and body under.

In time your symptoms may become less painful or go away entirely without any intervention from pain medication!

How Can Physical Therapy Reduce My Chronic Stress Naturally?

We see so many patients in our clinic who are experiencing pain from their lower back or their neck and shoulders, whose root cause of their pain is stress.

Often, stress can be the missing piece of the puzzle when we see patients who suffer from pain that will not go away no matter what they try.

At mPower Physical Therapy, we’re dedicated to a holistic approach and developing a plan that works for you to identify the key cause of your pain problems. Pilates, meditation, aromatherapy, and good nutrition can all help alleviate stress in our bodies – But there’s no one-size-fits-all solution.

At mPower Physical Therapy in Dallas, you can get the best insights from experts who understand how your body works, helping you tailor your plan for maximum success.

Don’t delay – take action today! Take your first step towards improved well-being by contacting mPower Physical Therapy in Dallas to arrange your free discovery visit by completing our simple webform or calling us on (214) 538-2559.

Believe us when we say that with the right support and advice on reducing stress levels, life will feel much more manageable and enjoyable!

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