How to Reduce Your Chronic Stress Without Taking Medications

How to Reduce Your Chronic Stress Without Taking Medications

Stress is important because it is how we grow. What does that mean? A muscle needs to be worked out and stressed, in order to make the muscle stronger. If you over stress it time and time again However, you CAN create an overuse injury or a stress fracture.

if we put ourselves in a stressful situation, it also can be good – because it is usually a personal growth situation. For example, I can remember having my first patient as a physical Therapist. It was quite scary, Because I wanted so deeply to do a great job. however, as I saw more patients my confidence grew, and I got increasingly better and better with my evaluations. The stress went away. I had to grow and get over my fears in order to get better at my job.

But what if you are in a stressful situation that does not go away? For example, What IF you are stressed at work from the Sheer amount of work that gets piled on, and you feel there is no way to get it all done? WHEN This happens day after day, Your body begins physically to feel this stress, and can present itself as a pain in your body, as anxiety, heart palpitations, migraines, or other manifestations. each person can be different in what they feel, but It starts with a stressful event, day in and day out.

when I am listening to a patient to understand what their symptoms are, sometimes we get into conversations about their life to understand if there are any repetitive stressors. It is important, because when you truly understand a patient, you can get down to the source of the problem. We absolutely work on their mechanics, but sometimes we have to work on their stress factors as well.

I find stress is interesting, because You have to figure out what the trigger is. often it is being overwhelmed by something in their life, and every time they feel overwhelmed it takes them back to that trigger. What does that mean?  If a work situation was the trigger and it created an overwhelming feeling, Even if they left that job but felt overwhelmed, it would take them back to that place in time. It is like hearing a song and remembering a part in a movie. the trigger is the part in that movie. The song is what brought you to that part in the movie.

so what do you do? You first have to Identify what is stressing you out. Is it being overwhelmed for instance.. What is the physical sign that happens when you feel overwhelmed. Is it pain, or migraines, or heart palpitations. What is it for you? Then you have to ask yourself, what loop are  you playing in your head. If you stop to pay attention, you will hear it.

So if overwhelmed is your word – it could be “how am i going to get all this work done, I don’t have enough time”, you will hear this over and over again. then you have to ask, is it true? No. It is not true. so you need to rewire your brain by recognizing what your trigger is, recognize what physically happens to your body, what loop are you telling yourself. Then asking if it is true? No. eventually you will not react to your stressors. It takes time and diligent work, but you can change the way your body reacts.

I hope this helps. I have had to take patients through this process numerous times. I am always amazed at how stress can affect the body in so many different ways. Stress can be a piece of the puzzle when looking at chronic pains such as lower back pain. If you would like to learn more about 5 Tips to fix your lower back pain, then please click Here to get our Free report.

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