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Do I Have Knee Arthritis And What Should I Do About It?

Arthritis pain in your knees can be a seriously big problem – one that makes it hard for you to walk, unable to do the things you once could and worried about what might happen next…

After a while, you finally go to the doctor with your suspected knee arthritis.

But you’ve been putting this off for so long because you’re terrified that you have arthritis in your knee, and you’re scared of having to have surgery.

Here is the usual path you go down…

You finally get in with an Orthopedic Specialist.

The Doctor ONLY focuses on your knee where they take X-rays or maybe MRI’s and tell you that it’s arthritis based on your imaging.

Your worst fears come into play.

You start thinking – Will I ever be able to get back to being active again?

I am going to have to slow down.

Am I going to be able to play and be active with my kids or grandkids?

And your brain starts spiraling down.

This is not just YOU… It happens to everyone!

Do I Have Knee Arthritis?

Part of the problem with the standard Healthcare system is in the diagnosis of knee arthritis.

If you take 100 people and image them, 60-80% will show arthritic conditions, but they are pain free. It is like getting wrinkles on our face. It just happens as we age.

When the doctor finds knee arthritis, it may NOT be your problem, and often that is the case when we see people and cure their knee pain without medication or surgery.

So you might have knee arthritis, but it might not be the reason for your pain!

So what is the source of the problem if it’s not coming from your knee?

If pain just happened one day in your knee, then typically it can be helped without having to do any invasive procedures.

Our bodies have an amazing ability to heal if we get to the source of the problem. Often injections and surgeries do not always get to the source of your knee pain!

I’ve seen several patients this past month that have been diagnosed with knee arthritis.

While asking questions, some of the answers pointed to problems coming from around the knee, but other questions do not add up.

Here are 3 Patients who had “Knee Arthritis Diagnosis” and had their pain resolved WITHOUT medication or surgery at our Dallas clinic:

1 – Back Problems That Cause Knee Pain

My first knee pain patient example had no back pain but stated she did have back stiffness.

Like with all my patients I rule out the spine because 50% of knee pain can come from the spine.

When we treated her back, her knee range of motion and strength improved from the baselines, and her pain significantly improved with squatting.

How could this be?

She has knee arthritis…

Well, it just shows you what I have explained before. When you spend 10 minutes with a doctor and they only take a picture of your knee, you will go down the path of injections, medications, and surgery.

We only treated her back, but her knee pain improved. We showed her how to do some self-mobilizations. We continued down this path and figured out what she was doing throughout the day that was making her symptoms worse and got her back to working out safely, walking and doing stairs pain free.

She was so pleased as she feared she would lose her mobility and would not get back to the things she loved to do.

If you go to other healthcare offices (physical therapy, chiropractors and doctors) and they go straight to where your pain is located, you won’t get better.

Please keep investigating your knee pain that you think is arthritis… You might be wasting your time and money on procedures that will not work.

2 – Hip Problems That Cause Knee Pain

The next knee pain patient example had been to numerous other healthcare providers. She was also told that she had knee arthritis that was causing her to not have a full range of motion and pain in her knee.

Other Physical Therapists could not figure out why she did not have full knee motion in her knee with bending the knee. Squatting and lunging were difficult. This limited her in picking things up on the floor and sitting and standing was difficult. She also could not get back to her walking routine with friends and this was affecting her quality of life.

The physical therapist confirmed what the doctors thought was that it was arthritis in her knee causing her problems and she was not going to get any better.

So frustrating. We see this all the time with our clients.

She just did not want to have surgery, but she also wanted her life back. So she continued to search for other healthcare providers who could help her. Thankfully, she found our office.

She did not have any back pain, but when asked she was getting some hip soreness. We ruled out her back, then we went into her hip.

She did not have full hip motion as well as knee range of motion. We started to address her hip.

After an evaluation and confirmed it was her hip that was causing her knee pain issues, I showed her some hip stretches in a specific direction. Her hip motion improved, her knee motion went to 100% full range, and she squatted without pain for the first time in 4-5 months.

Her last therapist was so focused on her knee that they did not look anywhere else.  She got back to walking with her friends and she was so excited to have her life back to normal.

3 – Treat Knee Arthritis Without Total Knee Replacement Surgery

We had another client who was told by doctors that she needed a Total Knee Replacement.

She was getting knee pain and could not walk for very long. It would take her hours to prepare her to go out and do 1 errand and that would wipe her out.

She could not travel as you have to walk to get to places, so she did not travel. She could not walk with her husband.

When you have knee pain it can significantly limit your activities.

I asked her what limits her the most? She said she just gets so fatigued.

That one question changed everything for me on how to treat her.

I asked how a knee surgery is going to help you with your fatigue? She said she was wondering the same thing.

We had to address her knee issues, which was a combo of knee and hip mobilizations to get her joints back to moving and then work on a gradual strengthening program. She is now doing many errands and walking with her husband without problems. She has not had to have knee surgery and is excited that she is feeling so much better.

So my top tip for knee arthritis is your pain may not be coming from your that… Get to the source… Find someone who will spend time with you to help you figure it out..

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